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The faded bench at the park
A place where I watch the clouds
Veering, verging, deforming shapes
Spontaneously, barely notice but;
I wonder when a heart is in misery
That is the time it opens its eyes
And see its wondrous changes
Appreciate those smiles and tranquility.
That cotton candy shape that was formed
Reminds my childish mirth before
I can still taste its sweetness; at the
tip of my tongue it melted.
That little puppies shape I’ve seen,
Reminds my childhood best buddy
I can still hear echoes of laughter
The wind whisper it to me; but
That was just souvenirs from the past;
Painted on the clouds, blown away by
The wind. An abrupt moment I’m reminded
The beauty of life when I’m still innocent
When I’m like newborn butterfly
Off to see the world, full of excitement.
My colors are still unfaded, my wings
are still unbroken; and I’m circling, soaring
Towards the light. Or like a bud if flower blooming
My petals are still vibrant, my leaves are undusted;
And I am still thirsty for the rain of truth.
Yet time comes when butterflies will die
Slowly as its colors were all gone
And like a flower that withers
All that’s left is an unseen spirits.
As I look down and by my side
I’ve notice the colors on my guitar
It’s getting light like this fading bench
Not like it was back then.

9 Nov 05

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hmm....just backtracking...i guess..
 — inc_reign

thirsty for the rain of truth. yes.
 — varun

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