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Yes, it's poetry V (Drawing/Meaning/Talking, or, Novelty Theory)

on sept 11, 2001 most people thought
about the same thing
output of random number generators that day
markedly less random
princeton university’s study  
globally distributed random number generators
interest to many scientists
familiar with concept of singularity
late ethnobotantist terrence mckenna
was one such scientist
singularity is a term
used to describe the inevitable arrival
events unknown but certainly cataclysmic
will occur when exponential
growth of technology reaches
an asymptotic near vertical rate
causing it to appear
growing at a rate infinite
based on the historical
rate of technological advances
scientists have extrapolated  
singularity should occur sometime
the early part of the 21st century
the ancient mayan calendar ends
december 21, 2012
mckenna after studying
the exponential growth rate
occurance of improbable anti-entropic events
since the beginning of time such as life
communication and technology
calculated that the curve
frequency and magnitude
improbable events will go vertical
december 22, 2012
shamens who took dimethyltryptamine
said the entities on the other side
are our literal ancestors
mckenna an expert on psychedelic drugs
believed DMT
a compound found in plants all over
the world is in the human brain
enables one to enter
the fourth spacial dimension for
about ten minutes and converse
with short engaging creatures
four-dimensional autodynamic visual language
and you can see for yourself
mckenna suggested
• language is much more
powerful than we understand
• language can be used
create material objects
• the consciousness that sets us
apart from animals is the result
mushrooms eaten by our ancestors
• alien abduction experiences
the result of psychedelic drugs
• naturally occurring psychedelic drugs
an integral part of the human experience
• since cutting the psychedelic
drugs out of our culture our society
nearly ruined the earth
• arriving with or as the singularity  
time travel communication with the dead
knowledge of a higher physical dimension
knowledge of the integral nature of psychedelic drugs
which will unite physics and metaphysics
• the inconceivable but monumental event
the singularity which will transform
human experience in ways we are unable
to imagine will be frieghteningly shocking
and possibly painful
• to quickly prepare for the future
people should take larger doses  
naturally occuring psychedelics more often
and discuss the experience
• this is already happening
for example at raves
no references to trepanation were found

or, with pictures!  http://www.secretidea.com/projects/DMT.pdf

5 Nov 05

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wow gnormal. i hope you aren't taking mckenna's ideas to heart! he was cuckoo. pseudoscientific millenarianism. he thought that psychadelic mushrooms precipitated the advent of proto-human intelligence. still, it's fun to play with - like any religion.
 — unknown

this intrigue me
 — hank

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