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go out dancing

we can "go out
dancing" or we can dance!
but if we're going to go
out lets go out

5 Nov 05

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catchy, to say the least, and not only the line breaks.  
Did you go out dancing in the end?
 — unknown

go out dancing also mean . . . die dancing? you know like "if we're gonna go down, we'll go down fighting"? just a thought. if not, then i'm just reading strange things into a simple poem like normal. either way, it got me thinking about play-on-word type stuff, and that's always cool.
 — unknown

this is cute.
 — SweetPain

if you can't dance
take off your pants

is what I always say.
 — wendz

go out dancing
as in die ( and why not?)
 — unknown

needs a diff title

how bout: the chalky cliffs of dover


 — unknown

i think your reading in to things ,are you mental
 — daniellive

are you 12?
 — unknown

i believe this has happened many times to youths in israel
 — unknown

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