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My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear
is not death
but of a single tear
dripping as I cannot draw breath
It will taste
sour, bitter, rotten.
All those years to waste,
I was - in mere seconds - forgotten.
My greatest fear
is not breathing any more
but - dripping - a single tear
because you said "I don't love you anymore."

24 Oct 05

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really nice
 — gears

wow. i really like it... can relate to what you're saying. love that in poems. go you~!
 — nickiblitz

Thanks for the comments
 — unknown

You almost made me cry. bravo
 — Trish77

Lol. I don't think so GodsOnly. -__-

Thanks Trish.
 — DeathShards

umm yeh... nice poem =p

- u noe hu
 — unknown

i love rhyming poems. and this poem rhymes. ^^
-straight to my favourites-
 — unknown

 — Mr_Private

Many thanks.

No unknown. I don't know who. >.>
 — DeathShards

ludicrous! who would make this a favourite?
Its pure emo, and deserves all the 1's it gets.
I myself am not that cruel though, so i will give it a 5
 — john_daker

seems a bit corny but is sort of sweet
 — marieF

I love it!
 — unknown

L10- any* not no
 — MEB

Changed. Thanks
 — DeathShards

i really liked it and it deserves alot of credit because of the way the author is letting us know how he/she is really feeling :(
 — unknown