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sms 2 marmar

its gonna b alrite!
sorry bout d goof!
jetz meetin 2nite.
cu after on d roof!
tony :)

7 Oct 05

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Okay, read this a couple of times, think about the musical and then you'll get it.

This is really, really clever!  I almost gave it a non-rate, had to read it again.
 — Isabelle5

gnormal!  Still brilliant, after all these poems!
 — Isabelle5

Excellent - clever and funny.
 — opal

Tony was in the Jets, not the Sharks!
 — unknown

dang!  sharx sounded cooler.
 — gnormal

awesome.  taking it into the 21st century.  i love it.
 — unknown

yah, they're gonna have their day, tonight.

and if he, walksIn hotnTired, porr dear.. do'n matter if he's tired, as long as he's quee...

-- toonight, toonite, the worl is wide and brite,

cool, boy.
 — mikebauer

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