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you made it to ninety two
which i guess puts you
in small company even there
and of all your odd ideas
crackpot theories
and endearing idiosyncrasies
what i remember most vividly
is the sound you made
while shaving

23 Sep 05

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i hear and see my own vivid william. thank you for this image.
 — bettalpha

God bless Grandpa's and uncles and old friends.
 — Isabelle5

interesting tribute.  
 — SteelAngel

Like this! I've worked with the elderly for years. Simple, well done! But I wonder about the "puts you in small company" as people are living longer and longer these days. Still many don't reach 92.
 — wamblicante

 — TheJediPimpz

so sweet hank.  I only noticed the rhyme on 2nd read...even sweeter.  um..'are' the sounds you made?
nice poem.  William would love it.
 — unknown

 — Roz

  I like this flashing thought that overlooks time as it sinks into psyche.
 — Roz

thanks kitkat, had changed sound to sounds and forgot the is but have gone back to original.
 — hank

But where?
 — unknown

Cute...very cute. Something william probably wouldn't even notice about himself, and you noticed it and remember him for it. I have absoutely no suggestions. Very nice.
 — MrChris

:( Did he die? I'm glad that you captured his soul in this poem, and shared him with us. A few strong characters become immortalised in your art.
Thank you.
 — unknown

Full stop line six? Terrific write.
 — wendz

amazing i really think its a accurate and really discriptive poem. Personally and correct if i am wrong but i get the idea your trying to say when someone has left regardless the circumstance you always end up remembering their old idd habits or actions
 — DLBanksAWM12

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