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On the Mind of a Resident of Rue St. Denis

A little vignette about two things with which I am not very familiar.

There is a narrow street in Paris called Rue St. Denis.  It is crowded with pedestrians all day, and all night.  One side of the street is lined with bars, lingerie boutiques, 25 centime movies, Turkish sandwich windows, and prostitutes.  The other side of the street is a large brick convent, still in operation.

I know many people
have respect for what I do.  
But many do not.
"How much good do I do?"
every morning I wonder
when I look out the window.
I sometimes feel guilty.
Am I lazy?  Escapist?  Selfish?  
I love people.  
I really want to help people.
I am certain
there is some small, discreet, good
I do.
My old friends
don't understand  
why I'm doing this.
But, I don't care what they say.
I had a difficult childhood,
but things are different now.
I pray.
The other girls,
are like my family.
Some girls, I think, will be there
their whole life.
But then one day they're gone.
God knows it's not easy.
Some girls, I think,
won't be able to endure it.
But later I know,
they will be here a long time.
when I have a free night,
I lay back and listen to the people
getting out of the bars,
buying a sandwich grek.  
They sound happy.
I wish I was one of those
normal people.

2 Jun 03

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is this about a prostitute or a nun? or both ;) lol
 — classy_ha

Seeing so much as the poem is one huge question mark, I'd really like to see a question mark in line 4. You've done yourself once again, gnormal -- I would like to say "outdone" but how could you ever outdo your past efforts? I love the tension back and forth -- between 20 and 32, between 1-2 an 7. My favorite lines are those when the speaker talks about the other girls and her misconceptions -- they ring true no matter how you read the poem. The first stanza throws me for a loop, though; respect? Maybe "need" would be a better fit.
 — unknown

my favorite works are those that use simple language to communicate complex ideas. Heh, I should have said" ones that use small words to talk about big things"
anyway, I really like this. Sometimes I wish I was normal, too.
 — ka

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