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Satin Sheets

I want to spend the night
in your bed
the cool satin
of your sheets to
brush my skin
ever so slightly.
I want your lips
to be as magnets
to my own
Your kisses
to graze my sensitive neck
my shoulders
or wherever they
lead you to.
I want your hands
to comb out every tangle
from my long hair
My hips to
fit perfectly
into yours
My legs draped
ever so gracefully
over yours.
I want you
to undress me
with only you eyes
but let your fingers follow
Trace the shadows
the candles
cast upon my face.
I want our skin
so softly to touch
our bodies pressed
against eachother
our bodies intertwined.
I want to make love to you
intense and intimate
to feel your heart
beat against mine
faster and so rhythmic
until I can't differenciate
whose heart
is whose.
Show me your
sensual world
and I'll show you mine-
two intimate universes
open doors and succumb
just to be combined.

25 Mar 02

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Bella, please don't say this was written about me? Loved it, absolutely...
 — JeremyM

Maaaaaybe...and what if it was my dear? Oh see, now I have to write you an email.
 — Bella

Well, then that would be a good thing.
 — JeremyM

See, I told you you were cuter. Don't argue with me Jeremy, I always win;)
 — Bella

I hate to spoil the moment, but you've got a typo in line 26 and 'yours' in line 23 sounds a little repetitive. Otherwise a wonderful poem.
 — unknown

I liked the first three stanzas, but then it just lost it.
 — unknown


It sounds a bit pornographic. How old are you? Are you really that hot and horny?
Who was this poem written for? I know it's none of my business, but answer anyway. Otherwise, I guess it's a good poem...
 — unknown

Well, actually, my intentions were not pornographic at all. More around the lines of...sensualgraphic, I suppose you could say. As for my age, that's none of your Goddamned business, sweetheart. I'm old enough. As for who it's about, well- you must REALLY be quite dense if you couldn't figure it out by the first four comments about this particular poem. And the "hot and horny" bit; hot-so I've been told. Horny-no dear, just a human being. For the love of Christ, must I explain myself every time? But thanks ever so much for the, "I guess it's a good poem" comment. Much appreciated, my dear.
 — Bella

Love it bella, makes me want to go find someone to snuggle up to. Made me think, when things make me think its a good thing. toodles
 — thegrinch

Grr, I want someone to snuggle up to...great poem anyway...it upset me greatly. Well done.
 — Moose

Beautiful...Its so pretty. You must be in love.
 — BondageBunny

This is exactly how i feel bout my boyfriend Taye.
 — BondageLover