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Mysterious Starling

Oh Mysterious Starling
Pinned and extinct,
Aplonis Mavornata,
known by us from one
specimen in a museum.
Nothing is known
but that you were probably
collected by a Capt-
ain Cook.
On which Pacific Island
do you live?
Mysterious Starling now found
on none.

28 Aug 05

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i was hoping a friend would get me a tiger fang from the british museum this weekend. i need the whole tooth, not a damn broken one!
 — hank

I'm from a pacific island, and I feel sad.
 — kitkat

i'm from a specific island, and i feel pretty.
 — noodleman

very nice

could you do one on the cariboo?
 — unknown

beautiful- but why the random caps?
 — Cloudless

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