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Nessie (for ollylama)

a ripple
across the surface
making no sound.
a trick
of the light.
blurred photographs.
in certain lochs
biding their time
they wait ...

thanks for the inspiration.

27 Aug 05

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your welcome. nice poem. how did i inspire it? Now I can finally say someone wrote a poem for me at PC. Thanks!
 — ollylama

the anagram post. if you hadn't written it, i wouldn't have replied, and this wouldn't have got written.
 — unknown

oh! gotcha. mammagrams are very important.
 — ollylama

addendum: if you have mammaries.
 — unknown

what's a mammanagram? it's when you mix up the order of your breasts.
 — ollylama

i wish itd been for me.
can i have a bigfoot poem?
 — gnormal

bigfoot was black
hairy and
walking backwards
the pine hit him
in the blackside.
 — hank

these r some of the funniest replies i have ever read..........i like when the comments go off on a total random trail. anywho the poem was coolio
 — crismonblue

they weren't random to us 0_o
 — unknown

^ now , wonder who that was ? (R)
 — unknown

Simple. The last stanza doesn't seem to fit. Mammanagram.....;)
 — Andramelach