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This Wasn't Love

Tears flowing down my face like the liquor i drown my problems in,
I find comfort in the blade that slices my skin.
Welcome to my life.
It kills me that there isn't a place in your heart for me,
I bleed in an attempt to be free.
I scream in pain but you continue with your life,
I hope one day you look back and realize,
I died inside.
I want to take back the tears I cried...
I want you to feel the pain I felt,
I want you to feel the pain you dealt,
I wouldn't do it any different,
All I have is regrets.
Welcome to my life.

20 Aug 05

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whoo go zac! that poem is really good people you need to leave him some bad ass comments such as i am doing.. teehee i love you pacey!!<3
 — emmie017

Okay, first, take the lines from Simple Plan out of your piece of shit "poem." This is cliche and half of it is lines from other songs etc.
 — pennylane

What exactly wasn't love?
 — ersaph

What wasn't love was how he felt for this person.  I think everyone can somehow relate to this person who hasn't experienced some sort of unrequited love?  You show much promise as a poet.
 — unknown

pain pain pain.. more cliche than even me
 — Muzatsu

pennylane, i'd really like to thank you for your un-insightful and insensitive comment, it really made my fucking day.  i'd firstly like to start off by saying that i think there should be a rule that you must not have your foot up your ass if you're commenting, then i'd like to go into the fact that i wrote this poem a very long time ago before the song "welcome to my life" was out/popular.  secondly i don't plagiarize bands, especially teen pop bands, i hardly even listen to the radio.  I'm very sorry that you're too anal to realize that this is a very personal poem for me and that it IS a god damn poem even if you don't want to fucking admit it. so why don't you just go to hell and tell satan hi for me? also, ersaph what wasn't love was how the girl actually felt for me, not the other way around like the unknown person said.

thanks to all who read this and maybe even liked it, ~Subterfuge/Pacey
 — subterfuge

i thought 9-11 was the darkest day in us history. but i was wrong.

narcisuss prodicus
 — unknown

I enjoyed reading this beacause with every word you wrote i could relate and i like that.
 — Shainah

this is a wonderful poem.

it made tears well up in my eyes....

please write more?

 — unknown

that wasn't love

but love is what i felt for this poem.

boy this is good. ever thought about submittting it for publishing?

 — unknown

Wow I think we were involved with the same person!  The nagging pain of what you went through really comes across.  Some tweaking of the language in lines 1, 2 & 3 and 13 & 14 is required as it is dangerously close to cliché the way you have it now.  Otherwise great work - thanks for writing it - it means I didn't have to.  Oh yeah and the title should be This isn't or That Wasn't.    
 — Scotty-Boy

i think i've met the girl you're talking about

[and she's an evil bitch]
 — unknown

No the title says it all, neediness and self pity are not love.  Anyone would leave this black hole of self obsession; only an equally disfunctional masochist would.
Infantile separation anxiety makes it difficult to embrace the fact that a lover is always free to leave. It is hard to get through but to embrace the regrets, to deny responsibility that you alone are nothing is a dangerous place, self harm, reducing yourself back to the dependant wont bring back the totla devotion accorded to a baby for the first few months of their existence.  You may not have got that but if you twill miss out on all the joys of truely adult relationships.  Move on or seek counselling.  You are a victim of your own unrealistic expectations, and No- that isn't self love so you will never be loveable unless you grow out of it.
 — unknown

 — unknown

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