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yes, it's poetry I (LeGay's equation)

LeGay's equation:
V(total)=aV(1)A^(a-1) where
A(1)=volume of tree at year 1
a=age of tree
A(a-1)=an environmental constant on the order of 1
Manning showed that the tree increases
its volume by the same amount each year.
This means that all branches of order 1
are equal in total volume
to all branches of order 2,
and so on.

13 Aug 05

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thanks for the science lesson
 — bear

2 figure
this 1 out.
 — noodleman

1 741nk iv3 g07 17
 — noodleman

Biopsies were performed along a single track, with 1 to 4 specimens obtained.
 — unknown

whatintheworld is going on?

fill me in
 — BoundFeet

am not going to even try to figure this one out
 — sabz3003

quite poetic
 — adiscodancer

the mass of ants equals that of humanity.
 — hank

The horror, I've added this to my favourites *grins*
 — Meep

 — unknown

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