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but trust me, on the telephone poles

my day today.
oh my loss.  im smitten!

i store
all my art in boxes
and departed.
a flashflood found it.
while i was out living
nature farted.
its all paper
so two weeks later
im rubbing my thumb
on olive and jetblack mold.
neither beauty wiped away.
theyre becoming each other today.
left my spirit in the rain...
ill leave it in the sun!
but here in august
"no sun come."
"oh my loss" i poem "im smitten!"
whats really written?  bob sings as i type it
"it cost more to store the food
than it do to give it"
who would peel these pages
and laughing iron penciled goals
wincing through dozens of-
hundreds of telephone poles.

13 Aug 05

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i like
 — bakeryattack

it's just art. i've recently lost my ipod, well, actually, i threw it against the wall. it's just technology. now i listen to others music. gregory david roberts rewrote shantaram three times.

maybe you should have sent it all to me. still, sorry that it happened.
 — hank

you have goals?
 — hank

You could have photographed important pieces, kept a journal of the processes and thought progression, well, too late now I suppose.  There is a vehmence towards journals like never before, interesting poem and well written.
 — Meep

funny little ideas dont rhyme with poles.
 — gnormal

are you sure?
 — hank

The title is a killer. I love that song, and this last stanza.
 — wendz

It's probably the mood I'm in, but this has suddenly taken on a melancholic sort of feel. I like this even more, second time around.
 — wendz

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