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I'm A Little Tea Pot II

I am little crack pot,
short and stout,
tip me over and
eat me out.

something funky i made up while i was walking home, lol i was very hyper!

28 Jul 05

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haha, weird...
 — bear

::laughs::  I found this very amusing.  :-)  Very cute.
 — eyesParadox

thanks guys :P
 — SweetPain

grin - good laugh
 — ka

We should start a new genre: Coke Whore poetry!!

 — rob

 — Bloodfetish

that's funny!  HA!
 — BoundFeet

Once again Rob, you fucking crack me up
 — BoundFeet

This is a nice bit of light relief
 — unknown

we should so do that rob! but i dunno, i think the coke whores would be fairly offended. im happy that Bloodfetish, rob, Boundfeet, and unknown got a good laugh out of this! because i certainly loved writing it!
 — SweetPain

bs that is so not funny
 — unknown

OK.  It was only funny once, honey.
 — themolly

thanks for commenting anyways.
 — SweetPain

that was just stupid and you are just a bad poet
 — unknown

yikes man, it was just a stupid poem. besides im not a poet, so there is no reason to call me a bad one.
 — SweetPain

 — unknown

its a joke!
 — SweetPain

Oh, my gosh!  Really funny!
 — Isabelle5

thanks isabelle.
 — SweetPain

Laurie Anderson would be jealous ...
 — unknown

Wouldn't a teapot be drunk out and not eaten out?  Tea's a liquid.  Gotta love those funky little ditties that come to mind on those walks home.  
 — starr

I'm a little tea pot too
 — unknown

lol that would make sense BUT this poem is based on ridiculousness soo... you know.
thanks for the comments guys.
 — SweetPain

It reads like oral sex.
 — unknown

that was totally what i was geting it haha.
 — SweetPain

That was very un expected!
 — FolleRouge

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Oh, you naughty, naughty little girl!  
 — Isabelle5

thanks for the lovin' chums.
 — SweetPain

I read this with daucer eyes and my cup runneth over.

Larry PG Tip Lark
 — larrylark

Isabelle, sad
 — unknown

lacks depth.
 — unknown

thanks unknown lol
 — SweetPain