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Listen up dumbfucks

I am not some psychotic fuck or pathetic loser trying to end my worthless existence. Nor am I one of these pussies using "suicide" as a cry for help. I kill myself tonight as queen of the world.
Things could not be better.
Which is why I leave this world. Things just can't get better. I have reached the pinnacle of life, and not just my life, the zenith of existence itself. Bliss, Nirvana, Utopia. I am at the top of the mountain, not at the bottom like most suicidal fucks. Unfortunately, knowing that, I cannot go forward with the days ahead because they will never again be as good as tonight. I just snorted not one, but two lines of coke off of not two, but three guys' chests. Then we all four made sweet beautiful love. The kind of tender sweet beautiful love they sing rap songs about.
Then we washed rinsed and repeated it all.
It is truly the best night that could ever be, which is why it must end tonight. Life can now only get worse. Nothing is left for me here in this world. Every seemingly joyous moment from here forward would be compared to tonight and fall miserably short. I will never surpass the level of happiness that I have tonight. So, I'm going out on top, high as hell, feeling good.
It's nice to be me.

21 Jul 05

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This poem makes me feel all.. icky. I don't like it! :'(
 — Chuck

poor chuck would rathersquash bugs on his waterproof bentley, try life as a newyorka yo!
 — unknown

I'll have you know that Bentley was not waterproof or bulletproof for that matter! And!!
 — Chuck

Hot. I love it. I could smell sharp perfume and see smeared red lipstick and tossled, over-dyed hair.  Blended mascara and the smell of cigarettes and bubblegum on stale morning breath....a pale woman's face and smiling eyes...

Hot, hot, hot. Great work.
 — meaka

Oh, do change the numbers into actual words, though.
 — meaka

This is not good at all ...........!! ITS FUCKING GREAT !!! I love it good job. This is going under one of my favs. ! :)
 — starzz

Hey this is a kick ass poem good job on it!
 — LaLa16

Hey I realy wish you wouldnt post "unknown" I would love to read more of what you have !
 — LaLa16

Makes me feel sad that the happiest you'll ever be is snorting coke and having an orgy...
 — Cloudless

True, Cloudless, true.
 — meaka

Excellent - reminds me of Existentialist stuff - powerful, but retaining poetry. I suppose I live in a very different way - but I recognise the underlying feeling - talented writing.
 — opal

boy is this puerile.
 — unknown

Like to see the coked up guys' hard ons.  Non-existant-ist poetry.   funny crap.  hyperthermal meld-down pussy willow withers.  No more cum-hither.  Not with guys up on coke.  That's a joke of fuckadoodles.  Now, caffeine-free Diet Coke is said to allow pencil refunction.   Fun, organic poem. It's my lark now, too.  no dugs.  drugs. Only rib-digs you cokey biatch.  huggles!  I like, dead chicks.   I get her men... second dibs!
(evil grinskys)
 — netskyIam

agree with Net......bets on they weren't too hard on...you dead yet????
 — unknown

Fuck yeah this is the best shit I have heard in awhile...... I like the I snorted not only one but two lines of coke..... BADAZZZ  and poor little chucky is feelin all 'icky"
 — unknown

listen up dumbfuck:  it's a nice sentiment to off yourself with your head held high, but death only sux for those left behind.
 — mmoneypenny

Hey man

before you go can you give me the addresses of those three guys

Larry quartet Lark
 — larrylark

unlike you, after reading this, i am looking forward to my day
 — unknown

this is fucking awesome
 — unknown

I just hope you weren't joking.
 — unknown

You think you know people and then you see them liking utter drivel like this. It's time to go home ...  Andy and teddy it's time to go home.  
 — unknown

Whoever wrote this deserves to be deader than a dodo after being sat on by five hundred sweaty yeti.
 — unknown

Bliss, Nirvana and Utopia does not encourage a desire to destroy.  Enjoyed the shame underneath, and the delusion and self-indulgence from the coke that resides on the surface.  Thanks for the tip:  coke makes you horny, full of yourself, sluttish and high, and helps one engage with three penis', the spaciousness of dripping orifices, and a longing to die.
 — unknown