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I wanted love and I wanted pink ballet and blue
Bikini beach days with friends in the summer
Wanted pianos and lizards in jars and
Anything else to delight my new senses
I went to the city with ties straight as laces
And corporate kangaroos clutching briefcases
Where water is found in neat plastic bottles
That find their way down to the helpless white beaches
We don’t stop absorbing the mind of the masses
We can’t stop conforming to fit our containers
The new shiny bible said I need blue shoes to be
Over the bronze in this competition
So I see the only cards to feint with
Must be the ones you make or break with
She taught at my temple like coring an apple
One generous twist makes it easy to swallow
The secret resentment of mothers and daughters
We might have avoided if she had aborted
Nobody to blame for the things I let happen and
No other girl’s shame can hide behind Blahniks
Accentuate calves like kitten heel flip flops or
Heighten like cork wedge
Platform wraps on spray tanned legs
And I wonder can I work it does it
Complement my handbag can I
Wear it with a straightjacket
I wanted love and loud nights out dancing
And blue button beetles on peace lily flowers
Wanted a story that led to more stories and
Dreams that stay with me from sleep into waking
Wet colours running together on canvas
We don’t stop absorbing the mind of the masses

29 Jun 05

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not bad
 — unknown

Very interesting.  I like the idea of what you wanted, the pinks and blues and I love lines 24-26.  The punctuation, etc. is missing but I still like this, as it's breathless, like the story of running through life, stopping at a corner in your Nikes to catch a breath.
 — Isabelle5

 — rattlesnakes

really bad, too long, shorten it you putz
 — unknown

hey you selfish prick quit writing. no good. sucks.
 — unknown

i love getting a rise out of people......so yeah, it's a worth a one i guess.....too bad there's no zero in there.............
 — unknown

 — listen