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Its No "Carolina In My Mind"

You left me hanging like a picture in the hall,
you left me hanging 'round,
waiting for your call.
I'm making best friends with your answering machine,
It makes me wish you were,
the girl I'd never seen.
Each day seems to get harder as I go,
I might be glad I met you,
but I hate the things I know.

23 Jun 05

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Love L 4... had a few of those kinds of girls in my life. well done.
 — Evernight

Like the title. nothing else. sorry.
 — unknown

l5 *wish- not a bad poem, but not incredibly interesting.
 — Cloudless

harsh weird different a slightly newer poet type of poem
 — speech_less

I'm the same as the 2nd comment.
 — meaka

I like the meaning and the last verse is wonderful, but the poem has a kinda forced rhyme to it which undermines the meaning of it. work on it and it could be great
 — ForeverAlone

its alright
 — unknown

 — unknown

i like this, it's sweet, I can just hear the sothern accent in the way the poem flows :-)
 — sparrow

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