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The twist of hot sand and glass

Trick mirrors all in a row
Mind fuck you just for show
Addiction has withered you so

19 Jun 05

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so sad. so true
 — themolly

i think i know who you're talking about.  whoa.
 — Estrella

this gets a 1 from me, themollys friend.
 — unknown

without fail someone will come along to continue the ffffeud
 — unknown

Wow, short and sharp.  Like a needle's sting...
 — Isabelle5

three lines of nothing from tiedtoes
by a no-talent writer and it sure shows.
damn this poem really blows!
 — unknown

oh man!  why do people have to stone me for being a friend?  that hurts, man.  ouch!
 — tiedtoes

It's short and sharp, could be a bit more, but overall good.
 — Gabriella

I Love This!  
 — BoundFeet

 — unknown

 — Wix

Thanks!  I really appreciate it.
 — tiedtoes

I really like the title of this.
 — unknown

Thank you.  I like the title as well.  
 — tiedtoes

I hope you are not endorsing such actions. It certainly happens, as does karmic justice. Wow title.
 — C

That title does rock.  How'd you come up with it?
 — unknown

Wow.  Just Wow.
 — unknown

I don't know where I got the title.  I was thinking of trick mirrors like liquid...morphing and twisting....falling apart into sand.  I don't know......
 — tiedtoes

This is my least favorite piece I've put on this site, and it has my best rating.  Why is life so f-ed up?
 — tiedtoes

childish to solve things?
 — Kauf

 — tiedtoes

I was with you until the f-word. Good, though.
 — unknown

Can you think of anything that could replace it without losing the umph?
 — unknown

 — tiedtoes

what instead of the f-word?  You can't say that and offer no suggestion!  Come on.
 — tiedtoes

pricks? beats? slaps? i'm not sure. "fuck" just has too many negative connotations for this poem.
 — unknown

well this poem is about being ravaged by addiction, so I think negativity fits nicely.
 — unknown

not the fuck kind of negativity.
 — Hear

you have obviously never been an addict.

Good for you.
 — unknown

I'm addicted to writing.
 — unknown

how quaint...addicted to writing.
 — unknown

mirrors can do some craZZZZZZZZZy thangs, y'all.
 — unknown

here is a good idea:

try blinking really fast in front of a mirror for 3 minutes straight
feel your brain strobe dn watch your nose climb.

 — unknown

whoa.  that sounds scary.
 — tiedtoes

i'm so tired of unkown people being bitches and commenting on something and then not being brave enough to put names to their comments it's a good a poem. I'm jsut saying why don't they post their stuff, it's because they can't take the critism
 — freedaspace

thanks man
 — tiedtoes

i don't know who it's about but i like it anyways!
 — tomorrow

it's about a stripper friend of mine...
 — tiedtoes

damn those trick mirrors. "fun house" ? more like whore house
 — unknown