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All Cried Out My Darling

Laying on your bed, my throat swells and I can feel the lump grow.
Hot tears burn my face as they trickle down. I inhale a shakey breath.
Twenty minutes has gone by, as you slide in the keyboard.
Have you noticed?
Turning swiftly, 'What's wrong?'
slithers from between your lips.
All I'm thinking is, 'How can you not know?' I'm choking on my tears now.
Spitting out words, my breath becomes harder to manage.
So, I sit up slowly without looking at you. Breathing cautiously so I can stay alive.
I'm stealing a glance whether you like it or not.
After moments of silence, I break.
I'm telling you all those things you hate to hear.
Your eyes are so empty.
As if you don't know what to do, or how to fix anything.
I begin to notice your face, it's reddening.
And look, your eyes are watering.
A few teardrops fall, and silence beckons us yet again.
We crumble beneath the weight.
Sarcasm is just an added bonus, and it seeps out of my pores.
I can see it in your face that you're angry.
Guess what sweetie, I'm exhausted.
Crying is hard work.
I believe I'm done.
My last night,
One last kiss,
A two person bed only half filled.

9 Jun 05

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Good poem, but i think the title needs some work, It dosn't match as well as I'd like.
 — unknown