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Happy Birthday IMC

When you were born,
the world became a better place.
As the years go on,
your upbeat, can-do personality lifts each
life you touch.
Your kind-hearted,
warm spirit
brightens moods every day.
With your hands
you help those who are less fortunate.
Through your poetry and passion
you inspire others to greatness.
Whenever you open up and share
with us, you put us at ease...
A great sense of peace
can be found in your words
You calm the anxiety
of the layman and poet, alike.
To me, you represent
all things good, fair and kind.
No doubt
something you show to all
around you.
Celebrate today, Miss Isabelle,
    on behalf of those who love you.
Celebrate today, my dear friend,
    on behalf of those who haven't yet had the pleasure...

My mushy tribute to one of the BEST writers on this site.  
Here's to another several years of friendship and poetry.  
>>>Love you, Mizz Izz.  :)

13 May 05

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 — unknown

Did Isabelle even see this one yet?
 — unknown

Damn... this needs resurrecting, since the Divine Mizz Izz has been taking so much heat on the forum boards.  Happy BD to you... albeit over a month late and all!
 — aforbing