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love handles

excess and oversight
a multitude of sins
love handles

9 May 05

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i like this one! just a couple quibbles: maybe drop the plural of excesses and oversights and insert "and" in between. just an idea. love the title.
 — Catbox

good idea thanks
 — gnormal

you're welcome. very nice work.
 — Catbox

i reacted to this one. thanks for the nice feeling.
 — unknown

hooray for this poem.
would be cool maybe if the middle line stuck out
but that is kind of childish maybe.

 — unknown

A multitude of (yummy) sins...hahahaha
 — Isabelle5

Oh, I read it again and I can see that the last line means more than the thing you think it is at first.  Good job!
 — Isabelle5

also, sins love handles
it should be

 — unknown

didnt see that one!
 — gnormal

Awesome!  Loved!
 — WordsAndMe

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