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penis size does not matter to Asians

-epigramatic verselet-

Ah, so -size- does -not- count
and Wong the Chinaman agrees
that persistence with small numbers
counts for more than size in slumbers
when the slumberer is lumbering
or planting in Japan a  bonsai tree

1 May 05

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Lol wanna bet? ^_-
My friend told me that in anthropology, she learned that in brain size, it goes like this:

Yellow, white, black.

Penis size is in reverse order. I swear, that's politically incorrect. ^_^

You forget that Asian refers to *all* people on the Asian continent...you've only addressed CHinese people. For shame. ^_^
 — wendz

Hi Wendz.. I addressed by name only Chinamen and Japanese.  Koreans are bigger, in general.. but as a median measurement would show, size is not so great as style.  Asians have their style and -enough stuff to stuff it right-.   I have done my research, ahem.  LOL and -keep it light- (is only an epigram)  cheers,  netsucky
 — netskyIam

Oh, I know you only jested back, but let's note as you almost did:  Asians -live all over the world, nearly-  The indians of the Americas are Asian.  In an older era there were acknowleged only three "races": the negro, the asian and the white.  Latins are white.  Colors don't really count except to show us the relative -origin- of mankinds "races".  Really there is only one: -we all-
 — netskyIam

This is a cocky little poem

Larry peanut Lark
 — larrylark

'This is a cocky little poem' lol

I love this poem, sorry i can't be more critising, keep up the good work.
 — PaulBeers

Russians are asians.
As are Indians.
You could argue that the middle east is a part of Asia is well.

 — unknown

Unknown--absolutely. Asian or whatever-ean refers to the continent. Of course Indian people are Asians. Is there a place in the world where they aren't?

Netsky--I jest you, silly. ^_-
 — unknown

Yes, but Russians are "white" people.
Indians are known for their sexual.... lovings.
Middle Easteners are, hell, just like Spanish/blacks.

I know from personal experience.
 — unknown

Those trees are so cute.  Tiny little old men, I tell you.
 — themolly

Yes, but Russians are "white" people.
Indians are known for their sexual.... lovings.
Middle Easteners are, hell, just like Spanish/blacks.

connouesuers will note that men of all "races", whose ancestry is from areas not requiring -lots of clothes by which to keep warm-, have tended, by natural selection (eyeballs are part of natural selection, lol) to get the girl by jolly penis size.   This does not apply so much to Asians.  American Indians-- recent arrivals!  No cultural selection went on there in this short span of time, eh?  But... well!  Go to the home of proto-men: Africa, yes?   There is a hot blood like for length.  Today that makes it ez-er.... to piss in your mom's kitchen sink!   Spanish men tend -often, true- to have a bit more meat than you or I and so it's all... in... the .... eye of "political correctness" but TRUE to note that some tints of men can, in general  beat their drumskins loud and proud while others must play swaing stricktly on the merits of their upper-story noodles.  (oh.. netsky!)
 — netskyIam

"play swain"..  i typo too much, sorry gang.
 — netskyIam

thats why there is no election day in china.


 — unknown

Are Filipinos Asian?  It sure mattered to my first husband!  
 — unknown

sure they are-  and like all stereotypes, "racing" people becomes a blur if we get too specific.  EXCEPT for 'penis size'.  That's one stereotype that holds pretty well acros the board:  highly culturalized, clothed peoples tend to have smaller penises.  (Is this even PC to talk about? NO.  What the heck, though!)   Men from sunny climes and -men who need run naked, practically, in order to catch wild game- tend to be built for the job.   If men run naked (practically) there is sort of natural selection tending to favor larger penis sizes.  If penises are cloaked by robements then.... it becomes not such a point of interest how big is Wang.    -thank you,  Won Well Hung Gai Guy-
 — netskyIam

Is your name Jonathan? XP
 — unknown

No, my name is "reid".  I would like to thank you kindly commentors;  you all who applied helps to this small item.   Really appreciated!   -reid welch-
 — netskyIam

lol, but but the watershed!! *horror*
 — Kauf

All asians aren't ill equipped.  It has been my experience that Japanese and Filapino men have rather large hammers....   :)
 — unknown

he he he
 — unknown

It  brought a smile to my face
trying to keep pace
with the sizes and shapes
of the human apes.
"It's been my experience"
I hear you say
Such knowledge abounds
in the world of today.
Smallest or biggest
you have to agree
the Asians make babies
like shelling peas.
 — unknown

:)  WHAT!!!!!!
 — Meep

your a sick asshole you ugly cunt stop writing that shit
 — unknown

food doesn't matter to someone fasting either...
quit fasting and
eat at joe's
 — chuckles

Peking Ravioli make stinky arse holey...
 — unknown

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