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Dedicated to my balls.

My balls
feel as if
a million ants are taking charge on them.
Don’t get me wrong,
I love my balls,
but sometimes they itch so bad,
I wish that I had been castrated as a child.
They itch and hurt and go inside me,
they are my weakest point in fighting,
but yet I just can’t get rid of my balls.
My testis bring me too much joy,
much of this joy,
well, acutally all of it,
comes from sexual activities.  
Simply stated:
I love my balls.

(Yeah I know, this is twisted, but I really do love my balls.  Please don't report me to the NBW, National Ball Welfare, I love my balls.)

26 Apr 05

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|11, change testi's to testis.

 — OKcomputer

perhaps you can look into the King Missle song: Detachable Penis, you may find the inspiration needed to solve your problems...
 — JessieVideo

 — tyleroglesby

Got a fungus???  What's with the itch?  Makes me NEVER want to have oral sex again, sort of....
 — unknown

JEssie!! I love you!!!
 — CantTell

hey! nice balls!
 — unknown

Or you can look into the country (joke) song "dear peins". That's a good one, but I dont know who sings it.
 — CantTell

I also love your balls.
 — mr_e

hahaha poetic structure wise, it's terrible. but it made me laugh like no other, so props to that :)
 — cuishanying

Genius, but you really should get that itching thing checked out.
 — unknown

Mr.E, we need to talk........ about your sexual preferences, because that's freaking me out, just a little bit.
 — tyleroglesby

Simply stated, this is utter crap.  No humour no invention no style no thought could possibly have gone into this tripe.
 — unknown

Let me read one of you joke poems, or any one of you poems for that matter, Mr. Unknown.
 — tyleroglesby

Cledus T. Judd sings Dear Penis
 — tyleroglesby

 — unknown

i want to dip my balls in it!!!!!  
{dont mind me im in a state}
 — unknown

 — unknown

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