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Touching time

I had a feeling today,
a wind swept whisper that drifted away,
the smell of flowers on a warm summers day.
She touched me forever and then went away.
I see her in the shadows that run with the night,
I feel her in the heavens that glisten with light.
I soar upon the memories that tingle with in.
I die with the words of what could have been.
Clifford Kenneth Arkell

31 Mar 05

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"I soar a upon the memories that tingle with in"???  Sheesh.
 — unknown

I agree with the "sheesh" you overwrung sap whose read one too many greeting cards.. riddled with cliche and shallow dull descriptions of aw... one dimensional love... GAH! only lines that sound honest and gives this poem some value is 1-2 (for the idea) and 8...because of how insightful and complex it strengthens the poem. but otherwise.... pleeeasssee mister, you can't honestly stomach this.
 — sShelled

I assume you are an adolescent?
Your lack of spelling skill is appalling.  If you are a kid you need to go to a website that accepts childish poetry.  If you are grown, then I don't know what can help you.
 — unknown

This is lovely, shame on you all for your nasty comments.
 — unknown

beautiful.  a favorite.  one can really relate to this
 — KaraQ