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When I was young, I would speak in the second person.  I assumed I was “you” and everyone else was “me, I,” and sometimes “us.”
I would say to my mother, “You want me to pick you up now.”
And she’d proceed to pick me up.
She had too much of a sense of humor to let me know who I was in the pronoun department.
This gave me a strange introduction to the concept of otherness.
When I was young, I used to ask policemen what pennies were made of.
The cops would usually reply, “Copper.”
“DIRTY COPPER!” I yelled.
And then I’d run.
This gave me a strange introduction to the concept of humor.
Sometimes I write journal entries ahead of time, for insurance of a happy and balanced day.
This could be cause for some speculation, it would seem.  But it works.
I put the milk in before the cereal.
This could be cause for some speculation, it would seem.  But it keeps the cereal dry longer.
I been known to make little rules for myself, little restrictions, but to avoid being an anal retentive, highly structured, less than spontaneous human being, I have created these rules and henceforth followed my American forefathers by creating exceptions to all of these rules.  I still feel young and spontaneous, no matter what you say.
I believe that no matter how old you are, it is appropriate to feel old when watching your favourite childhood shows on Nick at Nite.  I might sound crazy, but I can tell you there’s something wrong with putting Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Nick at Nite.
Sometimes, I rip the calendar pages, so nothing will happen that month.
Sometimes, I combat my loneliness with mild cases of schizophrenic episodes and imaginary friends.
Sometimes, I walk around with a guitar strapped to my back, and when I’m asked to play, I simply say, “Wish I could, but I don’t know how.”
Sometimes, I write poetry, because poetry give me a reciprocal vulnerability with every word in the English (and sometimes French or Spanish) language.

19 Mar 05

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Nicely done!!
 — ka

thank you  :)
 — beckeyleigh

This is kool, nice one;)
 — WildSymphony

Like the humor and the insight. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. I gave it a nine, not a ten, because I like "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" on Nick At Nite or almost anywhere. Will Smith has never done anything wrong! Sorry, just being humorous!
 — wamblicante

haha. i love will smith, and i love the fresh prince of bel air, and am happy to see it on the air... so to speak, but not in the Nick at Nite capacity, necessarily.
thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
 — beckeyleigh

All I can say is...wow....
This is one of the best I've read.  Never thought that this type of imagery or poetry would be in any way appealing, or THIS appealing to me.  The insight, the slight hint of nostalgia, how it all fits together and captures humor, irony and pieces of life is amazing.  Good job!
 — tsackret