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How to make a suicide bomber

If I invaded your city
told you how to live,
who to worship
spat on your brothers
would you fight back?
If I punished you
Without proof
By starving your children
And shooting your people
Would you accept it?
If I went on television
Shook the hand which strangled you
The hand with a wedding ring
that killed your pregnant wife
would you honour her memory
by doing nothing?
If it were me
And you destroyed my identity,
Killed my brothers
Criticized my God
Labelled me a terrorist
Decimated my way of life,
Then maybe in my maddening
I would strap a bomb to my chest
Walk in to Starbucks
And blow myself to smithereens.
To be tomorrows news
After the silicone model
On page 4 labelled scum
With no reason to say why I did it.

9 Mar 05

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not bad at all
 — kaleidazcope

thanks, kept this simple and avoided mentioning names.
 — Caducus

it's got moxie.
 — noodleman

Plain, softly sad voice. No judgements, just reasons and despair. Nice work, Cads.
 — unknown

13 and 14, Good Image
 — Edinburgh

To the best of my knowledge, this isn't a good portrait of the typical suicide bomber, and it discredits the character of many who have lost much in the war(s) by implying that they would transfer the grief of losing so many good things into something so hopeless and random as killing more innocents.

Personally, I would like to believe that their rationality is on a higher plane--perhaps they would go after the army of the country doing them harm, or the country directly, but those who blow themselves up in the middle of a crowd of civilians are scum in my book, regardless of what they've been through.

 — unknown

The POEM, root, comment on the POEM.
 — unknown

I am commenting on the poem;  I'm criticizing the content of its theme, because I believe Caducus has a good idea here but it needs tweaking, or deserves to have new perspective put onto it.

I believe this poem can and should generate some healthy discussion over suicide bombings, whether they're appropriate under what circumstances etc.  Personally as an author, I would perceive that as the ultimate complement, to have discussion generated on one of my pieces as a result of my own writing.

I don't think Caducus wrote this piece with those intentions, but I don't think that having discussion as an outcome is a bad thing, either.  I wonder if anyone else felt the same as me while they were reading this.

I'm also interested in knowing if Caducus had specific circumstances in mind with this piece, because to the best of my knowledge most of this stuff isn't happening with Iraq (or is exaggerated), so I'm curious what it refers to.  Probably Palestine.
 — unknown

sorry i guess i should sign in
 — root

My intention is to expose the faulty line of reasoning whereby the grief of the victims is transferred to the subsequent irrational and--dare I say purposeless decision to blow up a group of random persons loosely associated with the principles/government they hate.

To my knowledge, most suicide bombers are deceived into thinking they will be perceived as martyrs and will receive something like 100 virgin brides in heaven for their actions--that they are impressionable minds manipulated by their cynical and cowardly 'mentors' who try to represent the voices of victims identified in the early stanzas of this poem by the most heinous and detestable means possible.

I'm sure there are other types of bombers as well, I just don't believe an accurate picture of any of them to be characterized in this poem.  I hope that doesn't sound harsh, its just based on what I've been exposed to.
 — root

I think what Caducus is trying to get across here is one type of suicide bomber always glossed over and neglected by the media. The sorts of suicide bombers described in the media tend to be rather silly, young and easily manipulated peoples, just like every other part of popular culture (the vacuous, hipster wearing, midriff baring teenage girl lip synching to Britney Spears).

What Cads is giving us is another view largely lacking in middle class, white societies. The cultural difference is largely different between nationalities and races, and this represents a viewpoint not often seen by the aforementioned "superior" class, and how the minority could feel.

Which is the perspective I enjoyed seeing here. What would you do when you lose everything? I don't agree with the sentiment of "Pot the bastards", but that is one way of looking at things and retaliating, no matter how much you would wish otherwise.

When you have nothing else left to lose, why not take others out with you? It makes perfect sense, although I do not condone this thought.

To the poem again, I noticed that each line is capitalised. That's pretty much the only thing I would think about altering, the narrative is pretty tight.
 — unknown

My only response to that viewpoint, wendz, is then why haven't we heard of women as suicide bombers ever?  Have they not lost equal amounts or more than the men of these countries as a consequence of deplorable activities?

The stereotype of suicide bombers seems to fit pretty much every scenario;  (non?)sentient arabian males 18-40, brainwashed by some heinous faction.  My problem with this poem is that it seems to me like its trying to transfer anger at some government into an imaginary and inaccurate characterization as a means of evoking pathos against the said government.

Don't get me wrong--I find war as awful as the next guy, I just think we should clarify why we hate it and not allow ourselves to agree with statements without carefully evaluating them, otherwise we're just as bad as the governments who tell us there are WMDs or whatever they choose to feed us.

Maybe I'm way off on my interpretation of this piece.  I hope a dialogue is established rather than me ruling this with my own presumptions.  However, I took a course as an undergrad where we spent a thorough amount of time trying to define terrorism, and consequently read a lot about suicide bombers, so I feel like I've got an above average amount of relevant knowledge on the content I'm speaking about.

I can empathize with the concept of this piece;  that many innocents suffer at the hands of unjust governments, but I disagree with the idea that suicide bombings in this day and age are committed by the types of people characterized by the early portions of this poem.
 — unknown

I would, however, consider this piece laudable were the ending changed a bit, and the title changed to "How to make a terrorist"

That might even be more provocative.

 — unknown

you got my attention
 — Vonnegutman

Thanks for your constructive comments everyone.

First of all my inspiration for writing this was the COMMON man driven to extremes and not the fundamental extremist groups like Jihad who root so rightly mentioned are responsible for the recruitment of gullible misguided younger people with no meaning to their life. Imagine the shoe on the other foot, imagine America and the UK becoming like Israel, both are multi ethnic countries almost devoid of cultural understanding or acceptance with wildly different and passionate beliefs. As for the comment on the middle classes well my opinion is that death has no class, death takes us all but those who take death in their own hands have a reason for it, an inarguable reason we don’t want to accept because to them its right and to us its wrong – for example root said they’re scum.

I didn’t write this for sensationalism, I didn’t want to cower out of posting this anonymously because I do NOT condone the action of killing people lightly associated with westernized culture/ governments (infadels) , However if I had everything taken from me and went basically mad from grief, oppression etc I would not think logically and I doubt anyone I know would.

Ask yourself one question:

If your wife came home bloodied and beaten and said she was raped by a dark skinned man what would you do? How would you feel? If he was never caught and a black man looked your wife up and down how would you think? What would you WANT to do?

You see some of us believe in the Justice system, some of us would do time for the rapist and some of us (if driven over the edge) would kill the man – maybe even the wrong man in the wrong circumstances because the unfortunate bastard represented the image we had of the oppressor. Now multiply that with : sanctions, invasions, land mines, snipers, promises made and broken, murder, rape, daily conflict, starvation – and it continues on and on – no one cares why should I ? these are the motivators and seeds for retaliation.  

I also made sure I never made any accusations of WHO this refers to. Some may think its the UK, America, Israel, or any of the coalition. My point is merely suggestive and the nightmare for westernized civiliztion is that in the near future suicide bombing may happen from Miami USA to Manchester UK.The horror for me is lack of education, not understanding the motivation for such 'atrocities'. This very ignorance could cause reaction, worsen the situation and escalate out of control the way it has in Palestine. I fear for the future I really do. Our children will bear the wrath of our defferences and ignorance.

In short I blame the governments they should educate children without bias and they will have tolerance and more understanding. Peace was never achieved through oppression.
I once again thank everyone for their time and thoughts on this subject.
 — Caducus

root, I can understand where you're coming from. During the high point of raiding homes of Islaamic peoples post September eleven, many innocent people were persecuted. One of my friend's homes got searched on the basis of her family being of the Muslim faith. You don't see this reported in the media. That's the viewpoint I read this from; an average class Mohammad (or Paddy, or whomever) driven to extremes.

Why women don't tend to be suicide bombers is a topic which has to take into account the cultural and social differences in women's status'. For example, women were only allowed to vote in the US around the 1940s if I'm not mistaken, and this is the most "liberal" and "forward" country in the world.

As Caducus mentioned, people who terrorise (both camps) need to be taught understanding, peace, bridging gaps. The status' of non-American/British/Australian women still tend to be extremely low, and a station not deemed as highly as that of which is possessed by males. Which is but one reason accounting for the lower percentage of suicide bombers being women.

Why I hate war is simple--violence feeds more violence. I don't claim to have answers, but the quick fix is not the right path (both in terms of terrorism and retaliation) as the world has shown us time and time again.
 — unknown

eerie how things happen nd happen and ...
 — Caducus

I think the way you wrote this poem is very good, however, i do feel you are trying to justify murdering normal innocent people who do go to places like starbucks and stuff! Suicide bombers aren't blowing governments up, they are blowing other innocents up, they are no better than the people they claim to be monsters! Islamic people should be ashamed after september the 11th after Madrid, and now after our great capital, London! Some people here are now desecrating mosques all over this nation, they are not making muslims out of us, they are making enemies out of us! Suicide bombing is the ultimate cowardice! Back to the poem tho, the way it is done is pretty good, i give it a 5
 — Dark_Spark

Dark Spark - trust me I'm not trying to justify it mate. The reason for this was for the likes of sections of the government US and UK for them to see what MOTIVATES a common man to lose his mind and not care about life and become a monster. If thats all he has known he may retaliate and god help all of us. The most uplifiting image to me this week was the the muslim holding an apology to his fellow citizens condemning the atrocitities.
 — Caducus

Not so bad... but as I have said before- You are stating too much. It's like you're writing an article rather than a work of art. Great idea though...
 — unknown

FUCK ME! this is brilliant, i love it, brilliant. don't to they point, telling the world why things are happening. relating with the feelings of other, i totaly dig this, very good poem
 — Odin

*don't to they point*

sorry, i ment down to the point
 — Odin

jesus, that hit a nerve deep inside. i was captivated, in a trance, that was....unbelievable! shit man that was good. read my poem "fucked either way", i think you'll like it. that was amazing, i couldn't look away. my first (10) as well as a favourite. bravo
 — emptyepitaph

damn fucking right!
you're my star for the evening, and probably for a longer time than my life, for this poem...
thank you.
 — unknown

People kill when they are pissed off. All hold hands and do the okie kokkie or maybe ring-a-ring-a roses is more apt or mouse trap no i got it monopoly!
Like the poem by the way.
 — loonytune

 — unknown

while good, what is interesting is that suicide as leverage appears to occur in only certain groups or cultures for lack of a better term. it would be an interesting analysis to figure this out. cadufus does not address that and nor should he if that is not his intent.

them kamikazeez and them other peeps if u dig
 — unknown

an opinion coming from the "bravery of being out of range".
 — SolCarloman