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(FOTO Fridays) Gladys and the Pips never rode no motorcycle.

Two counter forces, viciously
impotent, stand holding hands.
(they're worlds apart)
They flex; veins shining in
effluent ironic glory.
Violent blue corduroy carries in it
rings of sinews floating across the room. They’re
off to connect through dark-blue gaze; toting
aurora borealis to build our aluminum
to steal magnetic skies.
The glint in his eye is an iron
scalpel, cutting rosebuds out of
Gaian lines that are always reshaping
Grab it before it flies back to the
core, slicing through mountains and
oceanic cities alike:
they've connected through oblivion.

4 Mar 05

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It might help if you included a link to the foto in question.
 — unknown

http://photos7.flickr.com/5887894_d359dec3 2b_o.jpg
 — unknown

http://photos7.flickr.com/5887894_d359dec3 2b_o.jpg
 — unknown

i like the idea of violent blue corduroy, should the gaze be blue too, or is it too close to the other blue?

no clouds in this. though. the guy looks like monkey summoning his magic cloud. phh-phh-cloud. pow. zoom. wish i'd used that. but i'm all written now.

i like this without monkey's or clouds though.
 — kaleidazcope