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breakfast in mittens
at the bottom of a holy mountain
closer to the monkeys now
a decending climber told me how
he used his walking stick
to threaten a monkey in the path
and scamper the sob
demanding handouts
"not from me!"
"i raised the stick"
the monkey stood
"i shook the stick"
the monkey stared
"i swung the stick"
the monkey caught the stick
"and held it still!"
"couldnt be..." i puffed
wanting to believe
i could arm-wrestle a beast
a good stranger-
story before me
all the way to the clouds i climb
the steps cut into Emishan
looking monkeys in the eye
none of them knows why

though none appeared daring enough for hand to hand combat, i did see a monkey snatch the backpack off a danish girl, rip the zipper open with his teeth, and steal her chocolate and panties.

18 Feb 05

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thats not my photo.
 — gnormal

i like this ... while there are chuckles throughout, so too are the excellence of language, word choice and rhythm ... really, really love the flow, especially from lines 8 through 16
 — Bloodfetish

or is it?!
 — gnormal

good work, good mix of frivolous & serious.  I'm dying for a semicolon or two, though (lines 6 & 17).
 — mikkirat


 — unknown

chocolate panties? smiles.
 — kaleidazcope


just chuckles.
 — kaleidazcope

this is my favourite poem by you.
 — kaleidazcope

that's great...
monkeys 're th' best
i also like panties
rock steady
 — chuckles

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