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Pulling down my pants,
I sat on the toilet seat
in my usual fashion.
This morning was different—
a small sticker
stuck there on my thigh.
Looking down at it,
I smiled,
remembering the little guy
who put it there.
“Something to ‘member me by,
Like I could ever forget you.

17 Feb 05

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Sweet. I'm not sure about the opening three lines tho - 'usual fashion'? I have only figured out one way, but I am a routine kind of gal and when I find something that works I stick to it;) The sentiment is wonderful.

 — unknown

yes it is. like drawing smiling faces on each others knees.  

ps: 'lo sam. kiss.
 — kaleidazcope

On this morning I really need that kiss, hun...back at ya. x
 — unknown

First 3 lines.... VERY raw.  I like it!
 — aforbing

aforbing you are a perv
 — unknown

That's one of the reasons I love aforbing.

 — unknown

interesting juxtapostion of visuals and momma-thought: sitting on the toilet is very like a squat, a common birthing position in some countries

also, the idea of releasing something from inside -- well ... i'll stop there

good ... very good
 — Bloodfetish

haha, cute.
i love the last line :)
 — FrayedSkirt

theres something here that catches my interest, really alters my mood in a way im not quite familiar with. its interesting.
 — MrFetus

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