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the bus conceit

- an extended metaphor / poetic conceit

everyone pushes and struggles
to break in
but once they're on
the aesthetes cramped and crowded
just want to get off
while the general public
just want to get off, get off, get off.
some sit luxuriously on the bus
reading or writing
while those who stand
stand begging for a seat -
there are no half-seated
or half-standing people.
the driver's motives
are unlike the passenger's -
but once they get on the bus
they're stuck with him.
i'm tired of the in-fighting
and the hot sweaty bodies.
i think i'll get off early
before my stop.

9 Feb 05

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You know how I feel about work like this...

 — unknown

Heh, i like it, very well done, i think
 — katt

i like this. lines eighteen, nineteen, feels so real, like it came straight from the author's mouth. nice work.
 — listen

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