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- a found poem

want you

31 Jan 05

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how do you pronounce that first word? laive or liive? or is this an intended pun?
 — cuishanying

Where did you find this?
(sorry if the source is in the title, i have no clue what it is)
 — SpunHeart

The clue for the source is in the title.
See if you can find it.

If nobody can, I will give it out, but I will be disappointed if no one here figures it out.
 — balance

gnormal!!!!   This is wonderful!  Found it being kicked down an alley, eh?

Thanks for sharing!
 — Isabelle5

Well, shut me down.  I thought the normal was the big clue.
 — Isabelle5

i have a stalker!
 — gnormal

Admirer.  If I'm after you, I'm an admirer.  If you're after me, it's stalking.  

This is still intriguing, no matter who wrote it.
 — Isabelle5

No, Isabelle5, I believe gnormal was speaking about me as far as being a stalker goes.
 — balance

i can't believe you put this on PC.   seriously dude, this is REALLY DUMB
 — unknown

i love it. I think everyone should live like dead people want them

i wrote this, and balance the mystery stalker found it.
but what i wrote has "to" at the end.
 — gnormal

Honestly, this isn't "short and sweet" or truly deep and meaningful, it's basically like throwing random words out and hoping people find it "inspiring" or what ever. No offence, but anyone could write this.
 — MissMay

 — gnormal

Ma bad.  I can't figure anything out in the title either about the source of the poem.  No clue whatsoever.  It's cool though.  One of those random scribbles on a piece of paper/napkin just blowin' down the street in the wind.  I'm always lookin' 4 stuff like that.
 — starr

interesting.  i'm sorry.....that's all i can say about it.  short, very short, and makes me think.  i don't even know why it made me think.  maybe because of the vagueness?  hehe, i liked this, though.  take care.
 — ducktape

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