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what is a beehive?

what is a beehive?
8 oclock: hundred strangers
walk into a room.

from my dinner with andre.  i want one.

30 Jan 05

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strangers? 100?
 — unknown

what is LU?
Sorry but I've never heard of that.
Please respond soon so I may (if possible) help you out here.
 — ducktape

What a buzz

Larry sting my pants Lark
 — larrylark

This is good.
 — unknown

I love this!
 — unknown

Had to read a couple of times to sort it out but really good.
 — Isabelle5

beautiful as usual gnorm.
 — unknown

a 'room' for the straight nosed.
 — unknown

nice and concise, i love it.
 — opal

I like this a whole lot.  Creative. New. Well done.
 — WordsAndMe

never fails
never fails
 — unknown

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