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Cheap Plastic

It's times like these where the only thing on your mind is nothing,
It's a brilliant dazzaling contraption,
masking the identity at hand.
The way you feel when the feathers turn to rocks,
your life shifts,
it shifts without approval.
Your suddenly a mess and theres no turning back,
what you could have done differently now has no effect.
you now come off as fake,
hiding the truth,
who am i today?
and why am i different?
but the answers dont come with ease.
when everything is wrong,
and nothing is light,
it's times like these where even if your tempted,
you won't give up this fight.

26 Jan 05

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i love it, brilliantly worded, i like the effect of it. it's has a semi-hidden meaning, but you can figure it out, it's hot..
 — unknown

L2 dazzling
it is great...i love the meaning(multiplied by two)
good work
 — Cherish

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