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Reemergence of our Path

Holding my gaze is this
archaic flow, brightly cascading
through midnight sky.
There is no truth in the flesh,
my bones are only as old as
human memory allows.
Energy builds to reach
full circle, to spin faster
than our bodies can handle.
{we have come to a present where
this process must be forced
or we risk extinction}
Charlie had it right;
every species must move towards
a greater goal or risk dying off in
our joyous race to existence.
I'll see you when the sound gets deeper,
when we hold our eye in the palm
of our hands.

26 Jan 05

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Darwinism. Interesting. I like this peice. I cant really think of any changes yet. Ill try to remember to come back.
 — InMyBlood

 — ShelbyS

 — unknown

You know. Charlie has it right kind of gives it away. Im not sure if thats good or bad
 — InMyBlood

Wow. Amazing. I really like it. I agree with Devin, though. Charlie does give it away a little...
 — unknown

I'm taking strong meds. A poem like this makes the words jump in threatening ways. I have no idea what you're trying to say here. Why are you using profile-shaped paretheses?  {  }  ( foreheads, noses, chins)
 — outtolunch

I like the feel of evolution about this poem.I find creationists seriously alarming.
 — larrylark