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- The Broken Heal
- In Your Fist
- My Busy Girl
- The Lovely List

13 Jan 05

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I'd get rid of those little stars in the title... it makes you look like a teenage girl who's looking for way too much attention.  Good poem, though.  
 — CrimsonStorm

you got me on this one... i'll come back to it later, gnorm

 — unknown

don't i feel stupid now.  that's two poems, back to back, that have gone over my head for some reason.  quality, this, but not as good as your others.
 — root

crimson, that's precisely what they're for.  though they bug me too.
 — gnormal

I am certain this is about me.
- Yanger
 — unknown

Not a clue.  Someone care to enlighten me?
 — Isabelle5

...I WILL figure out what this is about.,=
 — FangzOfFire

this is crap.
 — hank

no its not. i just added another level.
 — gnormal

it's incredible
 — onklcrispy

i am trying to get this but i dont.....
 — duffyj83

in that case, you wont.
 — unknown

I got it and I like it! w00t!
 — FangzOfFire

editted, huh?

this is better, less room for confusion.
 — root

I find it hard to understand :oS
 — PaulBeers

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is all i could find on google. i give up.

me no understand.
 — noodleman

click "(define the words in this poem)" and List
 — gnormal

Title really sucks balls, even though I get its purpose...
I still don't get it..I feel so dumb. :(
 — unknown

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