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1. the missing links remain missing
One of the most fundamental beliefs of evolutionism is that man has evolved from beasts through time, chance and natural selection. Some insist that evolutionism does not teach preach that man evolved devolved from apes but rather from "ape-like" ancestors. Like, totally. This argument is specious spacious sporadically
the presumed "hominid ancestors" of man would be classified
and clarified
men must always clarify
and classify
and conclude conclude conclude conclude conclude lewd
An ape is defined as merely a tailess monkey.
the ape was defined and boxed in
caged like an animal
it was an animal.
it was caged
the researching research deal dealing what a scheming deal indeed!
VIRTUALLY every ANY OF THE PRESUMED presupposition assumption consumption assumption proposition revision
assumption man evolved from apes from tapes from grapes from drapes
she looked like her prom dress was cut out of the drapes and when her mother smiles, that gaping hole makes me want to smash a lamp in her face.
observations are not allowed a priori
priority coming first from the primordial
she's swamped with work and love-sick like a heroin addict.
(the study of human and "prehuman" teeth are fossils, the imprints of a society long since passed. the imprints made by the dentists of teeth at a certain point of time. are the teeth in the back of his that genderless, sexless being's head still the same as they were five hundred years ago? are not all teeth one? yes. that is the path to true spiritual enlightenment. the teeth are all one. Praise Allah.)
paleoanthropology pales at plays on poles when polled extensively
from ape to man and back again (just flip on the TV)
transition transmission digression succession
the missing links remain.
missing links remain missing
the missing linsk slinks and lyncs lynches the slinks the sphinx the sphynx the sick six slinks skins
siiiiinks like a boat in water
out of water.
2. parable of the severed economic relationships
through anecdotes and
12s of scientific studies
through mountain goats
and demonstrations on stage
where the triumphant man on the platform
holds a head high above his head
the crowd lets out a gasp and sigh
the head's eyes bleed out pus
black like the rest of us
from mining for coal and slavery
gone wrong
when did it go right?
the plague the plague the plague
O! he cannot see! he has surely gone mad
the dogs are all a'barking now
furious with
the scent of their master's blood
the scent of their master's victim's blood
the scent of their victim's blood
and had a man lived
with a dog and been good to it
and petted it every day and fed it well
he should come to the bridge
at the end of his life
and the gods cry out
and the dogs howl comes from across the chasm
clearly calling in reply:
Yes! Yes! My master has been loyal to me
has fed me and clothed me and bathed me and
taken all the required precautions
he was a good master. one of the best masters i had, and i am glad to have taken him in.
And the gods should reply:
but if the master had beaten and bewildered
their dog with clubs and sticks
and left it out in the cold to die
so that the next morning thoughtless, stagnant icicles had formed on its snout stout nose
then there would be room when the time came to ask
to shout across the abyss in reply:
No! No!
he has struck me with his stick
and left me in the cold to rot and die
there are no words of praise which i may return, for i received none in my life.
and the bridge would fall.
London bridge is falling down
falling down
falling down
La la la la la la la la la london bridge
Ho ho ho ho hummmmm!
Ho ho ho merry
Ho ho ho humbug
Ho ho ho ho ho hoe hoe get the
rake and hoe
and a shovel full of earth
and change the world
through anecdotes
and scientific
12s of goats.
3. riche
sitting in the cafteria with my not so good lunch i look over the right shoulder to see my friend eating his great lunch with his chocolate bar for his dessert and i ask myself if i should ask him for a piece or if i should try to find some money that would procure me a chocolate bar and i finally get the courage to ask him for a chocolate bar but should i ask him for the chocolate bar? i don't know if it is a good idea to ask for the chocolate bar because he has it and i don't and i don't want to seem like i don't have the chocolate bar because if he knows that he has the chocolate bar and i don't have the chocolate bar well...
he gives me a miniature size piece of the bar as i lean back in my chair and finish the great snack i look over to see if he has any left he doesn't and this is the power of property and ownership and
Montezuma had it right, chocolate has the power to seduce us all
the homegrown aprhodisiac
drank chocolate all day long to enhance his libido
chocolate shavings
finely chopped nuts
cocoa powder
2.2 pounds semi-sweet chocolate
Grand Marnier cognac champagne
6.5 oz unsalted butter
2 cups of whipping cream
Combine the cream and butter in a saucepan
melt like words of melting words and melt the melt the mellt the melllt the melllllt the
out of the frying pan and into the...
chocolate in a double boiler
stir FLIP STIR stir FLIP stir STIR STIR flip
ganache mixture with a liquer
pour into pan
this thick |
the empty holes of a melon
quickly scooped out by metallic ringing singing swinging
like ice cubes
like lazy teens on a hot and sunny day
in the summer sun
in the sun fun fun in the sun under the
cookie cutter the peop-... chocolate
with scissors
scissoring open your intestines
so they spill on the floor
the last duchess on the wall
the last unicorn heaving its last breath
before its legs give way-
its horn driven to break a woman's virginity
and sliced off by her sometimes-husband
who is now rather blue.
the last emperor
his court and men all gone, trying desperately to reclaim his power, but knowing he stands no chance.
chocolate IS A DYING ART
4. not so fast!
in the year 1621
the pilgrims held their first thanksgiving feast
they invited the great Indian chief Massasoit
who brought ninety of his brave slave Indians
and a great abundance of fools foods fools food
Elder William Brewster, a minister, said a prayer that went something like this:
We thank AMIDABA
i am sorry to take your life away
myoho renge kyo
ho ben pon dai ni
ni ji se son
ju san mai
an jo ni ki
go shari hotsu
sho bu' chi e
jin jin mu ryo
go chi e mon
nange nan nyu
is sai sho mon
hyaku shi butsu
sho fu no chi
sho i shae ga
butsu zo shin gon
hyaku sen man noku
mu shu sho butsu
jin gyo sho butsu
mu ryo do ho
yu myo sho jin
my sho fu mon
(... skillful ways there the world honored one quietly came up... and said to Shariputra: the wisdom... is profound and cannot be measured, its gate is hard to understand and difficult to enter... No self-taught... can understand it. Why is that? (because!) the... attend on many hundreds of thousand of billions of past... and practiced the many teachings of those... bravely and energetically to their far-flung fame till they attained the profound law).
i am sorry to take your life away
i am sorry to take your life away
for our homes and our food and our safety in a new land
i am sorry to take your life away
we thank Amidaba for the opportunity to create a new world for freedom and justice
i am sorry to take your life away
i am sorry to take your life away
5. non-existence
ink ognito
dripping down black
and oozing from the swamps
of the neverland of the men of the land
of the nevermen
who never went and never saw
who never bowed and never prayed
who never felt and never cried
who never never never never never never
got home
were they never men?
they were nevermen
they will never be women
they will never be forgotten
they never listen
they will never win
they will never lose
never be satified
they never were
they are the people who never were
they were invented
they never was
they had family, finance, service record
fictitious personas
they never was
and they saved thousands
of lives who WERE
never men were so brave
some men will never forget
men who can dream of things which never were
who, in their sleep, will be drowned with dreams
of shadowy images overshadowing foreshadowing looming over their dreams
most terrible and smooth
like a baby's navel
dreams like mist and smoke and fog and
dreams that devour everything
in grays and blacks
all swirling above in a thunderstorm
of dreams
dreams that never were
belonging to men who never owned them
and men that never were
with dreams that they were.
6. angels on the golf course
he calculated the scores and decided
he was running out of prizes
while walking to the car he scored
realizing they were different sizes.
     he miscalculated and went back to collect
     he said surely it was an angel's shriek
     which crept along his mind, and
     to the score card just give one more peek.
there are feathers on the golf course
all white and pure as paper sheets unscathed,
they've ventured to the mortal realm momentarily
and many obstacles they've braved.
     and the devil is a'weeping
     in his shallow dark black tomb
     hoping there'll be more bad
     when he rips hope from its womb.
Archangel Michael, he swings back his club,
driving it with intense force
aiming at the hellish bad luck's source
metaphysically off the golf course.
     his shield formed of hope
     and his sword handle of pure gold
     there's angels on the golf course,
     or so i'm often told.
8. solar etchings in the sky
one hundred and sixty two anorexic girls
lining up like arithmetic on the lawn
each one a picket as thick as their arm
but still, they're barely able to lift
the skull crossbones and Atkins
that hovers over their souls.
they've tried it all,
they ate McDonalds every day
bathed in tubs of lard
they forced themselves to digest
a thousand cups of tea
but they only urinated sugar
for three weeks.
they pitter pat out the door
all wearing identical yellow raincoats
all black lipped from biting
and ruby eyed from blood rising to their brains
from standing upside down so long
trying to digest bananas.
their umbrellas open in the rain
each one prickling up like a big black cactus
a crown floating above their heads
a halo of dark feathers
a balloon of nothing
flying to the sky
until even the startled cry
is gone
like the wind in the alcove
whistling through the forest grave
unable to remember
the advice their old man gave.
sad are the dolphins
who mourn but with no tears to cry
the world echoes back one request:
I want to die. I want to die. I want to die.
solar etchings in the sky
and not a single bird to cry.
the farmer's hands all dirty
with life
rest at the old man's side
he aches
and shakes
we all stand alone.
she wrote her prophecies on leaves
they were scattered by the winds and never read.

an attempt to imitate the styles of others on this site.

part 7 is called "the missing link" by the way, its exclusion is for obvious reasons.

3 Dec 04

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My dearest, you have overplayed your hand on this one. I know who you are.
 — unknown

all smiles.
 — akiikii

wendz, what the hell are you talking about?
are you on crack or something?
 — alibi

"an alibi is all I am" or something like that, I can't remember totally completely correctly. Crack? My arm is.
 — unknown

this is by far , the worst poem ive ever read
 — unknown

screw you, unknown
you wouldn't know a good poem if you woke up and it slapped you across the face.
 — Inuki

Aye, unknown. That was totally unnecessary and uncalled for. On this particular poem, I agree with Inuki 100%.
 — wendz

Inuki and Wendz, thanks for trying to defend me,
but I don't need your help. unknowns are stupid, especially when it's emo pretending to be someone else.
 — alibi

this poem fucking sux GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 — unknown

wow. how lame, unknown.
any real comments on this?
 — alibi

i kept wanting to skip ahead, to get to the end ... it's so damn long
and i didn't ... i kept reading every line (but for Massasoit's prayer: i don't speak a damn word) ... i mean i just kept reading. couldn't stop. passed bedtime, passed cool-down time before the eyes close, and i just kept reading.
there's no way i feel qualified to critique this as a whole...too good, too large, too much to comprehend ... but i know i like every word that i read (aforementioned prayer aside, as i still don't speak that language)
all i can do is come back again ... and again
and hope one day the missing link is found
 — Bloodfetish

7 was my favorite.

hahahahaha! it was a jooooke!

erm. sorry. i need to print this one off.

 — noodleman

Geeze that was long
 — aeturnus

You know, I am going to go print this off and read it properly too. It's rather amusing. When I buy new ink, that is. Don't hold your breath. ^_-
 — unknown

knew it was a joke ... got ya, nm

 — unknown

If anything, this has expanded your horizons as an individual poet. You inspire me!
 — OKcomputer

First three I was trying to decide whether you were joking or crazy, but I suppose thats just how poets are. You have quite a knack for frenzied words, stream of conscience. 5 and 8 were by far my favorites.
 — Cloudless

Oh wow, this is so long, I first started to skim it cause it was so gosh darn long, but then I think I read five so I started to read the whole thing, You should be at top pretty soon (10)
 — Lilac

i hate to be the dissenting voice here, but i've been through this a couple of times now and i think this wants for a great deal of tightening. much attention needs to be paid to internal structure. as much as has been paid on the macro scale.

perhaps i simply don't like the styles imitated, or the imitation thereof, or lord knows what, but the thread wove through is too frayed for my taste.

i agree with wendz, although i am sure i attach different meaning to the words--both hers and yours.
 — noodleman

wow... really good!!
I think i might be missing out on the whole point because i don't understand how 7 fits or how people woud know that!

i'm really tired and i'll re-read it tomorrow!!

i really enjoyed it :)
 — SojT

"does not teach preach that man evolved devolved from apes but rather from "ape-like" ancestors. Like, totally. This argument is specious spacious sporadically"

roflmao.. ah. too funny. i didn't make it through the whole thing but perhaps I will later. hehe
 — unknown

 — unknown

Ten ten ten ten ten ten ten.  Brilliance, genius.  Last stanza, first poem, I read it many times.  Fourth stanza, last poem, I read it once.  They are my favorite parts.
 — megabyte

I'm not sure if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing, but if it walks like a duck and it looks like a duck it's probably irony. The joke, if that's what it is, is actually a beautiful piece of work - if I were you, I would kill myself (or whoever else is handy). Wonderful.

 — rattlesnakes

I'm surprised anyone was bored enough to read 296 lines of rambling garbage.
 — ramher

Ambitious...I want to love this and I'm settling on like. Nice job but god almighty, my peepers-jeepers hurt. (and I only read half of it) I will resume the latter half at another sitting but now my bladders full....
 — BlueRock

post-script: love the title
 — BlueRock

Too long
 — larrylark

 — OKcomputer

holy hell this is freakin long!!
 — unknown

 — OKcomputer

 — unknown

One of the most boring and dragged out, repetitive poems I've ever read and my favorite of all time is Thanatopsis.
 — Isabelle5

So much promise, but thick with useless phrases
 — unknown

This is tiresome.
 — unknown

mmm. :)
 — bloodytearsx

It's a nice poetic essay, and the humor is great, but I sometimes wonder how things like this make the top rated list on a poetry website, when there are so many poems deserving this spot that go unnoticed.
 — unknown

I guess this would label me as un-intellectual or something of that sort? but this is tooooo looooong. sorry. couldn't finish reading it.
 — nickiblitz

Hehe, I like the humor on this. I don't really like the repitition that much but that's okay. I liked lines 166-174 and the 5th and 6th parts of the poem. Great job!
 — lonelygirl

fuck. what a piece.

 — unknown

yeh have to agree - though there is much ehre to read - there isnt an awful lot in these pieces

pretty turgid stuff
 — Mongrol

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