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Ghost Town

This is the city you write about: beautiful, naked and swelling.
And this is its fall, giving itself to drifting and stumbling.
Under the sweeping motorways children sit cross-legged
scrying and squinting in black oil for an image of their missing.
Through its filmy surface, unborn ghosts shimmer in fetal embraces
puzzle-pressed into each and other, water-locked and spaceless.
Ashes fall. Sun, dust, and rivers all sleep not. They breathe not. They
smell white and new--birthing echoes of earthfalls and dreamworlds.
The stones are full of ghosts, and the concrete you have unhallowed
is tired, as the universe is tired of echoing its death in cold starlight.

16 Nov 04

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I don't know why you did this as anonymous... I think it's lovely!  Great job!
 — aforbing

this is very very lovley... i especially like "sun, dust, and rivers all sleep not" very profilic.
 — unknown

it flows into me...and i love it.
 — unknown

 — unknown

I like young pussy.
 — unknown

Great imagery which creates a disquieting and surreal picture in the mind.

Larry underneath the arches Lark
 — larrylark

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