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white monkey

Analiza Nuñez, a resident of the island of Panay, will not show me her monkey until next year, when she gets a white one from a mountain on the neighboring island of Negros.  
She told me,  "It's difficult to have monkeys in the house."

A monkey wakes me up each day.
Thought simians were funny.
Didn’t know they learned so quick
to spend their human's money.
He's strong as hell.
Lifts me up!
Doesn’t put me down.
Ride my monkey round the house.
I ride him into town.
Spotted walking down the street.
Everyone can see
the one who carries me
is my responsibility.
Try to train my monkey.
Buy so many books.
And monkey tries to read them but
only when I look.
My monkey flunk a speling test.
Thinks everything is free.
Monkey got no god
so monkey watch tv.
Monkey eats my ice cream.
Monkey licks my spoon.
Monkey leaves his monkey crap
all around my room.
Monkey stay up late.
Monkey got no cage.
Monkey grab my Playboy
and screaming ripped the page.
Monkey think that I’m the pet.
Loves our fancy tree.
Monkey scream at neighbors.
Assholes think it's me!
Read his stupid magazine
while monkey takes a crap.
I wipe his furry bum
and climb back on his back.
Hard to date on monkeyback.
Every girl I meet
looks at me, and then looks down-
big black hairy feet.
Sometimes monkey nice to me.
Monkey scratch my itch.
Next day monkey pull my hair.
Mammalian son of a bitch.
Fed my monkey rice and beans
and when I turned my back
monkey threw it all back up.
He'd chugged my secret Jack.
Monkey got bad habits.
Makes me buy him fags.
Monkey breathe right in my face
then takes another drag!
Monkey gets away with shit.
Monkey knows I’m mad.
But if I spank me monkey
then monkey thinks, "I’m bad."
Wish I had him on my back.
Rather he ride me.
If I could choose which way I walk
my monkey would be free?
If I only had control
I wouldn't mind the sweat.
Can one return a monkey?
Why am I his pet?
Before my closest friends
I shave that monkeys face.
But they know who he really is
Can’t hide my monkeysface.
Ride my monkey every day.
Slowly turning gray.
Struggle to get off my
Monkey makes me stay.
"All i want to do is get off,"
go away.

1 Nov 04

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L61--cap "i"
L70--maybe "Can this really be my pet?" to keep rhythm?
Funny..you could pretend the persona is a woman, and replace "monkey" with husband, and I think it'd work just as well. ^_^
 — unknown

you are consitently amazing.
 — onklcrispy

for fuck's sake don't stopped i laughed so hard the antler from the gazelle i just ate flew out of my nose. how you doin?
 — hank

This isnt bad.
 — InMyBlood

infant poem: i just found an old note in my pocket where this poem started.  it made me laugh.

i ride the monkey down the stairs
monkey takes a left
monkey likes to see the shapes
monkey likes to smell the smells

monkey wants the radio
monkey likes the girls

monkey chattered "hiya!"

monkey eats potato
monkey eats spaghetti
 — gnormal

very funny, lol
 — Odin

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3 611666.stm
 — gnormal

The links not working, gnorm.
 — unknown

take out the space
 — gnormal

Monkeys are a funny topic, but this poem is like 7th grade material, at best.
 — unknown

its not about monkeys dummy
 — unknown

its wayway to long
 — unknown

 — starr

unknown - like don't you think like your comment was like 7th graderish!
 — unknown

cuite, i like it.
 — unknown

oh monkeyman, i wants to meet yer monkey!
in a dark alley, no less..
love, love, love it.
like a monkey loves his noodle..
 — unknown

In line 4, consider human's vs owner's.

They are several profound lines among the apparent silliness.

Very very good.
 — housepoppy

Up to line nine is just average, but the rest of the poem it absolutely amazing, definitely one of my favourites! Very witty and easy to read. I like the way that even though it seems light-hearted, there's a bit of depth in there with the whole who is thepet andd who is the master thing. Great job!
 — icepineapple

I really like the rhyme scheme in your poem, I also like to rhyme a lot. This is a really great poem.
 — Stellaella

lol made me laugh real hard
 — unknown

It's a pity I haven't been around Pc long enough to have read some of teh older gems that have popped up latley, many of these should be included for the Anthology - I hope and elder member has considered this and others.
 — unknown

ffffu...it's about time.
 — hank

I liked this poem a lot. I didn't mind it being long at all. Funny. Good work.
 — Nostalgia

Good if a bit long winded.
 — propoet50

i also think its a bit long.  
but i cant do anything about that myself.
cropping one's own words is hell!
that's where y'all come in.
 — gnormal

iffin yer gonna doooo
some croppin'...
i'd suggest L58-65 removed
L66-69 say just 'nuff f'r my likin'
i was on a chocolate kick, now
you'va put me on a monkey kick...
 — chuckles

you don't want the monkeys on your back.

i own a white one, by the way, but his identity is not for sale.
 — unknown

I'm sorry, I think this is ridiculous.
 — aurelius

I go ape

Larry bananas Lark
 — larrylark

Funny good time for sure. "Why am I his pet?" lol
 — unknown

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