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Sometimes the words just get lost in-between the pages of my books.
My pulse thickens in my ears as I reminisce your days.
Chords billowing ambient thuds fill my ears in B-minor as iridescent pulsating lighting floods around the cracks in the floorboards while I lock my eyes tight.
Screeching up my spinal cord, punching my battered synapses with streams of unidentifiable patterns of data and emoticons.
On my bottom lip they fall, as I chomp firmly.
Just like you chomped me.
Swollen goosebumps of static pinch my thoughts between the empty baselined moments you bought me.
You bought me.
You washed your hands of my ordeal.
Of our ordeal.
Scrawling and beating your rotten soul with shrill staples of unbroken silence.
You're damn right.
Unfinished business.
You're damn right.
I hit the lever.
I see a smear of you, squashed and spread out amongst the leaves into the wind.
I think of you...
Damn windshield wipers.

31 Oct 04

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well it's a very interesting piece, but must you call it a poem?-- lol but then again I suppose that there is such a thing as free verse.  The scence is a bit confusing, but it makes me think of one who is thinking of someone who died with hostility, is that right?  anyways it's got great descrition and lots of detail, and pportrays a vivid imagintaion in the author.
 — Angelfire

Yes. Death and hostility.
 — unknown

This is quite obtuse, I like, especially the last two lines.
 — unknown

This is really really good
 — unknown

windshield wipers...
 — unknown

its wonderfulbabe keep it up
 — unknown

I like your vivid descriptions.  I also really liked your first line as well as your concluding lines.  Nice job!
 — candykid

Just as a note, I read this poem after I wrote my poem...I had not idea that this one even existed...Just one of those coincidental things.
I also have a problem with people reading stuff, getting angry because they think they've been wronged, and giving bogus ratings...

Anyway, great poem
line 19 could be lost and it will maintain it effectiveness
 — dionnefields

 — unknown

It is not a typical poem, I'll say that. good job
 — unknown

what's wrong with you, themolly?  i've found several poems where that^ type of thing is all you say.  we like NICE people around here...
 — unknown

themolly...I just wanted to personally thank you for your mindless bashings on my poems. It really reconfirms my confidence and talent when I recieve hate from people that are completely beligerant with arrogance from thier poetry. I would like to actually bow to you, and take my seat behind your royalty, kiss your ass, and then piss on your "work" but wait, you have none posted. Thank you for the opportunity to be graced with your "Greatness".
 — madderhatter

def. something here worth looking at

Jam Bo
 — unknown

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