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the second night of the year

my wife & her friend
beyond me
whispering japanese
off in the weed
looking for mushrooms
by torchlight

3 Jan 03

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Hm, short and interesting...
 — Moose

maybe i don't get it?
 — username

I really like this one, gnorm. Very 'red wheel/ barrow' ish.
 — unknown

oh GOODNESS i hate that poem. the wheel barrel one, not this.
 — jade

true wisdom my fellow stoner friend! -Shattered
 — unknown

Oh, so THAT explains it.
 — unknown

william carlos williams rules
 — Mazzo

i just wanted to show my friend a 20" mushroom, maybe a little bigger, in the backyard. at night. but i think neighborhood deer ate it.  -wife
 — unknown

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