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Eulogy per æþeling (an Rasüur)

In ancient times, Rasüur would be recited at the funeral of a member of Malaysian royalty. If the person spoke poorly or made a mistake, they would be brutally beheaded.

dedicated to fourteen red stripes.

Patrician, Mehitabel vociferates geomerung binnan perpetuum,
Gelic geryman με eliminador; señor et hlaford!
Ofwundrian erstwhile Golden Triangle heroin buoyed abaft ge.
Potentate, almsgiver! Apocryphal scuttlebutt geneahhe e['o]wer egregious amorousness voor gom!
Hij quem geotanated der ozean ereflod con gomma!
Whenceforth, ethnologician thickset mid sumptuousness,
By Shah Alam banks, resplendence is yours, fracod (dear) prince.

8 Sep 04

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Any more?
 — unknown

Wow. I don't understand 1/2 of it, but what I understand I love.
You are a Rasuur-master! I'll comment more later when I figure out what it all means.
 — alibi

 — dmu_96

This is ridiculous, and yet slightly amusing. Ah, how wondrous making people fawn over a random assortment of garbled words is!
 — arienette

this is all apocryphal scuttlebutt to me.
 — omega

biggest load of tripe I have ever seen.
 — ShelbyS

wtf? is this in english or what? what's with the weird combinations of languages?
 — unknown

 — unknown

who is rating this 9 and 10? should be 3
 — unknown

clever.  but hollow and you know it.  
interested to read you after you get over this phase.
 — unknown

i don't get it.  i suck.
 — BoundFeet