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Caught in loneliness,
trapped by oneness.
Searching for something
To end the emptiness.
Weaken from the giving,
wounded by the taking.
Slipping in despair
from walls of rejection.
Haunted by fears,
drowning in tears.
Conversing with shadows
to still the awareness.
Giving up the phantom,
the vision of two.
Accepting the aloneness,
The saneness for one.

26 Aug 04

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the rhyming sounded very forced.  i would opt for the free verse way, i think it would have better flow.  i did like l13 though.
 — sassybnyss

 — unknown

This piece is just one cliche after another.
 — unknown

lines 5 n 6 are the only saving grace

last stanza could have been better.

rest all are cliched lines...
 — trochee

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