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Apocalyptic Laughter

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The things that make me laugh?
The bitter world spinning round,
A top about to fall.
We weigh because this world spins to fast
To lose some weight, we have to slow it down
So put on the break,
untwine the ropes,
smother the fires,
melt the steal of gears-
And the sound of the sea will rise, water washing
Over the beach, breezes rustling giant leaves.
We will be abandoned; alone, floating through space
With nothing that should be and
Everything that really should be.
We will be alone In the end.
The pursuant silence, that echoes in the ears
Hearing a heart beat for the first time,
Domestic violence, the creeping of my years
Hearing a breath fall silent and still
Economic compliance, An orphan's tears
The top falls, and skidders away into the shadows
Under its own power
And I laugh
Because I cried that it was gone.

8 May 05

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Well done.
 — Rull