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2 months 3 days

All happenin' so
2 months and 3 days into this
and I want to
be with
only have
Seems like so much
than it's been.
Can't remember
not meeting you after class,
not planning my life around you,
longing, wanting, needing
to be with you all the time.
Time is no representation of our
for one another.  None at all
Cause' even if I had 2 months
(and 3 days)
to tell you how much you mean to me,
I couldn't even come close.
You make me whole,
you fill me up, you are my
My girl.

15 Nov 05

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hea hea/

i'm envious
of your verdant lolly pop

been there

day couldn't go fast enough until i could see here again/

skippin class together/

 — fdostoev

2 months and 3 days?  Go ahead, and I predict 2 years and 3 months until the divorce.  This belongs in a private letter, slipped into her locker.
 — unknown

hey line 4"andi " is not a real word. and stop mentioning her naame make it easier for us all to emotionally access this poem.
 — lodza

fdostoev- Thanks...I try to stay outta trouble as much as I can, so skippin class may not be in the cards TO much ;)  
Unknown-Nah, I'm too young to marry at this point.  It WAS in a private latter sliped into her locker, but I put my poetry up here to improve it, so please...if you have something to say in reference to form, style, flow-anything, please feel free to comment.
Lodza-Took the name out, better now?  AND I edited the word I had made up ;)  thanks-I goota write your e-mail still.  SCHOOL IS KILLING ME!!  

Any other input is welcome, thanks a lot.
 — SaleenDriva

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