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At Your Mercy

No one moved me till you
You fretted out a moment's thought
And mutated it to want
And let it loose in every fiber of me.
You nudged a need
Yearning to exist
And now I'm at your mercy
Laboring in an infancy of emotions
Threatening to overwhelm,
To consume, to leave me
Smoldering in passions
I never conceived.

14 Apr 03

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cute, but it seems it's not meant for a wide audience, but for the addressee
 — Ananke


 — lostkid

one word..WOW!
 — jessiekak

yeah it seems meant for one person and I think that's ok. I can suggest nothing to make it better.
 — inashadow

very....personal? i like it.
 — pinkpunk

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