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unknown one-givers  sparrow  10 Oct 06 8:01AM Thread Closed

hi everybody!
I've recently recieved some unexplained, uncommented ones from some unknown user.
I know this has been happening to a bunch of you since I've seen it on many other poems as well.
I was wondering if we can do something against this like start a rule that if a user decides to give a one they must state why. As far as I know the goal of this site is constructive criticism and an uncommented one is anything but constructive.

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 8:18AM Thread Closed

Hey sparrow, mine got done over like that too, it's probably best to ignore it, there's always something like that going on in here, it will pass in time, focus on the comments you do get and forget the ratings.

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 10:24AM Thread Closed

me too - virtually every single poem got a one overnight - the next morning they went and then next day a whole lot came back again - not worth worrying about.

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 10:29AM Thread Closed

Maybe they do it to reshuffle the top-rated list
who knows its annoying

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 2:27PM Thread Closed

That happened to mine aswell! It really annoyed me becuase it took my average rating right down!!

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 2:31PM Thread Closed

^ vanity in action

re: unknown one-givers  stateofmind  10 Oct 06 4:29PM Thread Closed

Blah, who cares about ratings?

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 5:54PM Thread Closed

omg, not this topic again. consider the source, be mindful of the constructive criticism you receive and ignore the blasted ratings.

re: unknown one-givers  sparrow  10 Oct 06 6:13PM Thread Closed

thanks guys... i think you're right about ignoring it and concentrating on what's constructive.

re: unknown one-givers  unknown  10 Oct 06 6:27PM Thread Closed

The time to worry is when you don't get *any* ones.

Another thing to consider is that when people don't log in for x number of weeks their score become non active. All of a sudden your poem might suddenly appear in the Top Rated list. It's happened to me a few times and apart from anything else it means that the top rated list never stagnates. Of course it also may mean that your poem disappears from the Top rated list as another tiresome tenster is de-activated!  :)

As most say here - best concentrate on the comments your stuff is receiving.  

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