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re: Got A New Job Finally!  unknown  22 Sep 06 12:50AM Thread Closed

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re: Got A New Job Finally!  wamblicante  22 Sep 06 9:52PM Thread Closed

> wamblicante,
> Perhaps things like this happen to make us realize what really is or
> is not important in life. I too was always tied to my career but it no
> longer bothers me. Nothing really bothers me much anymore. Life just
> is and you have to go on or not. The iimportant thing to me now is
> that no matter what I am doing I do it for myself, my own enjoyment
> and those around me. If I lose my job tomorrow I will not feel less of
> a man, real men make do with what God has given us and carry on
> towards making the current situation better. I made a pretty damn good
> househusband - lol - at the time I don't think I would have wanted it
> to get around, but now I will shout it out if it happens again, "I'm
> a househusband, and a damn good one too!"

Damn fine attitude and at times I get that strange feeling too! What does it all matter, especially in the overall scheme of things, the big picture? On the other hand, I love what I do for a job and not to do it hurts like Hell, not just my ego but my whole being. Hard to explain perhaps but to a large degree my job is my life, or at least a huge, much needed part of it that I can't/won't do without. To each his own but I do like your appraoch and, though someone here will likely have a great time with this one, your obviously big balls. You're a man that stands up regardless, I admire that!


re: Got A New Job Finally!  unknown  23 Sep 06 6:45AM Thread Closed

Almost nothing was more profound to me than sitting at home without a job for several months or years after having discovered that the world can get along without me. Sitting there realizing that I am not what I do but who I am while contemplating the dust motes swirling through the lighted window. If you can sit there in peace with yourself, within yourself, then that is the real reality of living a satisfying life. Being at peace with yourself. Being a workaholic is almost the opposite, it is avoiding your inner self. The saying work to live, not live to work is a good saying.

re: Got A New Job Finally!  unknown  6 Oct 06 4:30PM Thread Closed

Hi Mike:

     Your story could be perfect for a story I am working on.  Would you be interested in being interviewed for it?

The Story

    I am working on a profile story for the Spring issue of Met Life Your Life, a quarterly magazine distributed to 400,000 people nationwide by Met Life (www.metlife.com).

“I Was Downsized Out Of My Job”

    I would like to interview middle-class people over 50 who were downsized, had trouble finding a new job, and then finally either found a new full-time job or decided to freelance or start a business.  How did they manage their money? Did they cut back?  Were they able to avoid tapping into retirement accounts?  What lessons did they learn?

     Whoever is in the story will be given a Snoopy watch.

Richard Hobby
Falmouth, Maine
[email protected]

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