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huis clos  noodleman  17 Apr 06 7:13PM Thread Closed

read it and then come here

re: huis clos  Mor  17 Apr 06 7:22PM Thread Closed

Hi Noodleman,

It certainly gives a new definition of Hell.

PC, on a good day perhaps.


re: huis clos  noodleman  17 Apr 06 7:24PM Thread Closed

hi mor. i recommend it in the original french. if you haven't read it that way. the translation loses a lot.


re: huis clos  unknown  17 Apr 06 7:46PM Thread Closed

Ce drame se joue autour de trois personnes, Garcin, Estelle et Inès. Ils sont ensemble en enfer pour constater, qu'ils vont se disputer jusqu'à l'éternité.

har har.

re: huis clos  unknown  17 Apr 06 9:55PM Thread Closed

l'enfer, c'est les autres.

re: huis clos  Isabelle5  18 Apr 06 10:58AM Thread Closed

I'm close.  

hahahaha  - Is that what you meant?  I'm reading it that way!

Ah, busy at work but I saw a coyote this morning and it made my day!

As long as it does not climb the balcony and eat my cat, I'm enthralled.


re: huis clos  unknown  18 Apr 06 11:02AM Thread Closed

voulez vous couchez avec mor ce soir?

re: huis clos  Isabelle5  18 Apr 06 11:20AM Thread Closed

Avec Mor?  Mai no!

re: huis clos  Mor  18 Apr 06 11:56AM Thread Closed

How about giving it a four-hour road test instead.


re: huis clos  unknown  18 Apr 06 12:19PM Thread Closed

you are all SO gay ----

noodleman, mor, and isabelle5

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