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The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  netskyIam  2 Apr 06 9:30AM Thread Closed

What is a vandal?
Someone who posted to your poem list,
or list of some other, with a gratuitous, personal attack on the poet
=from out of the blue=

-That is, no genuine commentary or critcism was placed,
but only some sort of provocation- usually profane.

-The vandals also work here, and may be cited as well.
just as a for-instance, because it is handy to find:

shavedcunnie dopes down on myself (but also, so many others)

In time quite a few of these locusts may be identified.

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  unknown  2 Apr 06 10:18AM Thread Closed


re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  netskyIam  2 Apr 06 10:49AM Thread Closed

just in:  by the child just above, I might guess by the timings:

stupid poem, moronic, in fact
– unknown

and next to that:

Stupid shit. Flush it down the toilet, man.
– Shavedcunnie

all at

It's not for myself that this thread exists.  I can't be harmed.

This is simply to have a thread for management (?) to see and consider,
because such behavior has long spoiled the potential for PC to draw great poets and critics to help -all of us-.

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  netskyIam  2 Apr 06 11:01AM Thread Closed

at shavedcunnie's poem,

the long list of rants includes:


shavedcunnie and inutile are the same person
– unknown

You are wrong, man. Shavedcunnie is TheO1dCrow. He admitted it recently. He created shavedcunnie and he created her gross poetry.
– unknown


Now, that is -not documentation-.  It's a claim.  
In order to mean something credible
we need a link to a logged-in post by that boy, "crow",
wherein he "admits" being one and the same "shavedcunnie".

I'd sure like to see that link put here.

And more! Add in  your citations.  You need not log in to post.
What counts is to paste a real quote and a working link to the scene of da cwime.

That'd be interesting.

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  redsky  2 Apr 06 1:12PM Thread Closed

re: you can add your photo to a map  TheO1dCrow  19 Mar 06 8:17PM  Post Reply

yep. guilty as charged. you know you liked it.

so lets see who am i?

theyoungcrow-some of the time
eggplantchild-whenever its true owner isnt using it (which is all the time)
shaved cunnie

there you go . . .

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  netskyIam  2 Apr 06 6:32PM Thread Closed


TheO1dCrow is young crow and shavedcunnie
and various dueling unknowns,
all in one disjointed jerk.  

He will be others, too, perhaps.

One of the most active vandals on this board.

thank you redsky

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  inutile  2 Apr 06 6:59PM Thread Closed

sorry to burst your bubble, but you should know that theoldcrow talks shit.

constantly, heedlessly, pointlessly.  annoyingly.

you cannot decide that all the bad things he says about others are false, and then accept a big claim like that without any questioning or proof.

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  TheO1dCrow  2 Apr 06 7:12PM Thread Closed

actually im not shavedmonkey, i only said that cuz a bunch of unknowns were saying and if i went along with it they might shut up about it sooner. i also did it cuz it was the only sure fire way to piss off shaved monkey, she just couldnt stand being denied her identity.  i was going to use the same strategy on curtis but i decided against it. but i guess there is no way to prove it one way or another so why dont yall debate and ill play along with whatever yall decide.

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  netskyIam  4 Apr 06 2:42PM Thread Closed

from commentary to one of his  spacewasters, the tiny balls  poem
– The01dCrow

– TheO1dCrow

This is fun, you can work out who the unknown's are by seeing what comments people leave! because they have about 2 phrases they use again and again, repitition don't make you right unknown's!
From the mighty 'UNKNOWN'
– unknown

I think I get what flaminhot is saying. I an effort to make others feel better about their inadequacies we must take them on as though they were our own. I am old crow.
– Poor_Poet

I too am old crow.
– unknown

Everyone wants to be Oldcrow
– unknown

– TheO1dCrow

Everyone is Oldcrow!!! Do not deny your inner being!!!!
– Poor_Poet

yeah.. multiple accounts.   flaminhot is him, it appears.  So is both O/0 variant crow accounts.  poemless or token poemed.  Flaminhot accounts.

just a destruction- that's all you are you lilly boy zero.

re: The Handy List of the known PC Vandals  SweetPain  4 Apr 06 4:16PM Thread Closed

hey guys
i respect everyone here, except for one thing

the petty middle school fighting.

lets all be somewhat "mature" now and go read and rate the plethora of poetry we have at our fingertips. now take your thumbs out of your mouths and go type up some fair and honest critiques. forget about the pointless words, the bottomless ratings and do what this site was created for. POETRY CRITIQUEING!

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