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re: nonnet  borntodance  2 May 06 5:00PM Thread Closed

Thanks, wendz. I'll just wait for Ananke to wrap hers up. I've got some ideas, but will want/ need  feedback. I think I'll ask participants to choose bewteen 2 types listed at Aforbing's site. ( Shadowpoetry). I'm also in favour of shorter forms, such as minute or etheree. I welcome all thoughts on the subject.


re: nonnet  Ananke  2 May 06 6:49PM Thread Closed

you guys I mucked it up

i'm so so so sorry

you have no idea how many all nighters i've pulled this week

at any rate i missed an entry. as i was tallying the points one of the judges had noted that they missed one -well i missed it too. i will email the judges with ALL of the entries this time to see if they wouldn't mind reranking.

please don't hate me.

re: ONE NOTE SONG POETRY CONTEST  unknown  3 May 06 1:11AM Thread Closed

I still love you!

re: ONE NOTE SONG POETRY CONTEST  unknown  3 May 06 6:47AM Thread Closed

Except maybe for Mor, we all make mistakes. Thanks for the update!

re: ONE NOTE SONG POETRY CONTEST  unknown  4 May 06 9:38AM Thread Closed

still waiting patiently

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